WANTED: Commercial Property Management Professional Expertise

If you're a commercial property management professional, we could
really use your expertise.

We came up with two great missions to help both commercial property
management teams and their tenants. You can read the missions below.
The thing is this: We need insight from a hand of full of professionals
and experts like you, who are in the commercial property management

Your help would be so much appreciated! Below are our two missions
that we're putting together. Please read them over.

The two missions are:

1. The mission is to help the commercial property manager/management
team to market their location online as the premiere place to be entertained,
to shop, and/or to do business with at zero cost to them.

2. The mission is to help businesses triple their customer base by helping
to get their customers to shop more frequently with them each month.
Also to assist in creating new customers.

The purpose of our missions is to make it a win-win for both the commercial
property manager and business owners. Rather than even attempting to
explain it through text, we're asking for 10 minutes of your time.

In those 10 minutes we'll explain what we came up with to make these two
missions work hand-and-hand. Then you'll be asked 3 to 4 questions that will
help us determine the validity of our mission.

We so appreciate your help! If you read this far, won't you please lend a helping
hand and give us a call to provide your expertise?


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