Trendiest Places to Visit in Wilmington North Carolina

Some genuinely magical places in the United States resisted the test of time, overcame historical obstacles, and emerged as triumphant leaders. Once upon a time (let’s say in the 1730s), an establishment was founded along North Carolina’s southeastern coastal region. Since then, the settlement has grown into the economically booming “Port City,” or Wilmington, as we know it today. 

This article will examine how the city of Wilmington has cemented its national fame by preserving historical landmarks and providing visitors with a series of eye-popping trendy places.

All North Carolina roads lead to Wilmington.

We wouldn’t be surprised if exploring North Carolina’s most popular locations captivates you. Due to its countless historical monuments and mind bending natural attractions, The Land of the Sky has drawn many visitors. It would be best if you also stopped by Wilmington because it encapsulates this beautiful state’s essence in the most spectacular fashion. Who knows? You might even entertain moving and living in Wilmington, North Carolina

Let established and professional local real estate agents in Wilmington NC, be your guide to the trendiest places to visit. Additionally, you can rely on them if you intend to buy or rent a home in Wilmington on a budget. 

Can’t skip these fashionable places to see in Wilmington, NC!

Off the bat, you must know that Wilmington caters to numerous tastes and points of interest. The trendiest places in Wilmington center around its main three absolutely astonishing beaches, historical monuments, and the downtown area with shopping and entertainment venues. Besides, you can find fantastic parks and open-air and indoor recreational delights that offer the best of times for your entire family.

Visit the trendiest beach and outdoor fun places in Wilmington, North Carolina!

About nine miles from downtown Wilmington lies Wrightsville Beach, a genuinely stunning family-friendly sandy spot to play. Get a look-see of the enormous beach’s size from the Crystal Pier and Johnnie Mercer's Fishing Pier! 

Electrifying things to do on Wrightsville Beach, Wilmington

Must-do things on the Beach are fishing (book your local fishing charter!) and excellent watersports, such as paddle boarding, swimming, and surfing. Suppose the adrenaline-filled water activities have exhausted your batteries. Then, get a breather and a delicious latte at Sunday’s Cafe or The Workshop. Don’t miss the local Museum of History and Farmer’s Market, either!

Sunrises and sunsets are rarely more spectacular than here. One thing is sure: the chillout beach vibes will never cease to amaze you!

Airlie Gardens and chill, the best recreational combo 

Not only Wilmington’s beaches guarantee first-class outdoor recreation. Visit Airlie Gardens, Wilmington’s top spot for nature lovers that dates back to 1886! On 67 acres, the attraction provides mesmerizing gardens with clear structures, historical formations, and authentic sculptures. Legendary and ancient oak trees survived here. The Gardens also feature a colorful variety of flowers, such as tulips and camellias.

The immense Airlie Gardens also hosts a splendid collection of beautiful-winged creatures at the Butterfly House. Additionally, you can learn about the beautiful native plants and little animals at the Visitors Center. And lastly, the Gardens makes for one of the best locations to propose on St. Valentine’s Day. So take the hint!

Family-friendly entertainment at North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher

The Aquarium is located about twenty miles outside Wilmington in Kure Beach. Your children will have a blast visiting this interactive and family-friendly place. For starters, they can befriend gliding stingrays. Then, they can admire sharks and eels. Albion alligators and baby sea turtles are among the top attractions. Beware, though; your kids might want to join otters playing in the spectacular waterfalls!

Wilmington caters to the interests of history buffs.

Your first stop of historical interest should be the Wilmington Railroad Museum. The venue exhibits original historical artifacts and an impressive model train room (the world’s most extended model!)

Your next destination should be the Cape Fear Museum of History and Science to learn about Wilmington’s success story “from rags to riches.” It hosts more than 52,000 fantastic items from local, national, and international history. 

The Bellamy Mansion Museum is Wilmington’s historical landmark, built in 1861. These charming venues showcase antebellum architecture and artistic pieces at their finest. 

Relive history in the National Register Historic Districts!

One of the most fulfilling ways to experience living history is by attending a horse-drawn tour through the National Register Historic Districts. In other words, you’ll get a first-hand look into buildings built in Queen Anne and the Bungalow style architecture. 

Explore the Alton Lennon Federal Building and Courthouse, as well as the Thalian Hall, two of the most notable buildings in the area. Did you know that the Thalian Hall Center for the Performing Arts is considered one of the oldest (built in 1858) and most significant theaters in the United States?

Visit the ultimate display of US navy bravery - Battleship North Carolina!

You can also find the most decorated US ship with fifteen World War II naval stars! Battleship North Carolina was the first to join the US fleet in WWII and played a crucial role in the war’s outcome. Locate the Battleship in downtown Wilmington along the Cape Fear River!

Now it has become a trendy place to visit in Wilmington and functions as a family-friendly museum. Thus, you can climb aboard, roam its deck, and examine how life in the US navy looked like! Don’t miss the great weapons platform! 

Check must-see places in Downtown Wilmington!

The Riverwalk and Historic Downtown undeniably are two of the trendiest tourist hotspots in Wilmington. You can enjoy a tranquil stroll and give in to the historic atmosphere. Shops, breweries, bars, and restaurants will provide prime respite and offer you the best local produce (prepare for the tastiest seafood ever!) Thirteen Bar and Lounge, Morgans’ Seafood Ogden, and The Fork N Cork come highly recommended.

The Riverwalk is about 1.75 miles and displays nearly 200 of Wilmington’s top tourist attractions. Discover The Cotton Exchange and The Old Wilmington City Market are two must-see city-center shopping complexes featuring authentic local businesses.

Final thoughts

Wilmington is a relaxing sunny city between the Coast of the Atlantic Ocean and the Cape Fear River. However, its crystal-clear waters, breathtaking beaches, and display of historical monuments and artifacts are only a few of its main highlights. Visiting the trendy places in Wilmington will give you an insight into its universal appeal. 

In order to discover it fully, we recommend you spend more time here and even consider moving to Wilmington. Indeed, the place is an endless source of jaw-dropping events, festivals, and beautiful locations. By all means, no bucket list of charming US towns to visit would be complete without “Hollywood of the East!” Let Wilmington take your breath away with its pleasant surprises!

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