SugarCRM Integration Platform - Integrate your business application

If you want to get a seamless functionality in your Client management system, need to integrate your sales, marketing & other business development applications with Sugar Open source platform. It helps to improve business scalability and sales conversion rate.

  • Users of the integrated platforms can experience a boost in their productivity as they do not have to waste time by switching to different applications for similar tasks or steps involved in a series of task.
  • Many advanced features are there in Sugar which you can use along with the applications like sending your documents for verification and e-signature to the teams or making calls from CRM etc.
  • You can use sugar database to store the analytical data insights for reference which will help you take better business decisions.
  • You can use multiple channels which are in sync on a single platform and make business decisions using facts, stats and accurate information. It reduces the chances of human error which is in the case of switching applications.

Comes with a wide range of out-of-the-box Google Apps SugarCRM integration. Easily integrate Sugar with:

  • Gmail
  • Google Docs
  • Google Calendar
  • Google Contacts
  • Android Mobile Devices

Sugar Administrators can also use Sugar Studio for deeper configuration and integration.

Archive your customer emails from your Gmail account in Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Opportunities, or Cases modules. Use the Sugar Email Archiving feature to attach Gmail messages and Google Calendar meetings to Contact records. Sugar Administrators can set up Sugar to use Gmail as the outgoing mail server.

Sugar supports the iCalendar standard for Calendar and Project modules. Synchronize your Google Calendar and Sugar Calendar. Update your Sugar Meetings, Calls, and Tasks automatically in your Google applications. Never miss a meeting again!

Save documents from Sugar directly into Google Drive. Relate existing Google Docs files to Sugar records. The search functionality within Sugar searches your Google Drive and displays your Google Docs files as well.

Install and use the native SugarCRM Mobile app on your favorite Android phone or tablet. The SugarCRM Mobile App gives you access to your customer data whether you're in a meeting with your customer, in an airport, or working remotely.

Sugar's Google Maps integration allows for fully-functional maps. Users can get Google location information and directions right within the SugarCRM Mobile app or desktop client. Sugar Administrators can use Sugar Studio to add the Google Maps integration to any standard or custom Sugar Modules.

For more options, you can also explore the published Google applications and Sugar integrations on SugarExchange or check out Sugar Forge to take advantage of Sugar's open software architecture.

Choose from our strong global community of developers and partners to build custom Google CRM solutions that suit your specific business needs.

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