The State of the State - Pennsylvania that is...

As Governor Corbett conveyed his #1 priority being JOBS during his recent speech on Wednesday, April 4, 2012 in Chambersburg, he spoke regarding budget and the governments responsibility in living within their means. He recently traveled to Germany and France talking over business opportunities. There is increasing international business interest in Franklin and Adams counties specifically. Singing the praises of Pennsylvania he noted that we are the second largest energy force in the world due to our wind, solar and water power resources. Coal and natural gas are the core of PA's energy sources.

Our Governor will have a prize fight on his hands, however, with the current administration's new environmental regulations which have hit those industries, particularly in our state, very hard. It has becoming increasingly essential that Pennsylvania establish a standard for energy conveyancy. Disputes continue in the Pennsylvania Supreme Court regarding natural gas rights.

These uprisings have caused quite a stir and more questions than answers when it comes to the sale of land where these resources "reside". The "Dunham Rule" basically provides that when there is a transfer of deed (where there are natural gas, fossil fuels present) the gas or oil must be specifically mentioned in the deed documentation. This is a Pennsylvania specific ruling/dispute. Each state has their own regulations and legislation regarding this issue. The outcome of these lawsuits will definitely determine a long-term course of action for PA land owners and their families. The precedence set forth has the potential to impact the industry as a whole. According to research by Penn State University, the Marcellus Shale drilling has a potential to bring TWENTY BILLION dollars to Pennsylvania's economy by the year 2020.

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