Retail Shopping Centers Continuously Plagued With Vacancies


PRLog (Press Release) - Oct 06, 2011 - ATLANTA, Georgia - Commercial and retail property managers are losing profits on the “free rent” system because it doesn’t ensure that the money saved by their tenants is reinvested into a successful marketing campaign.

The system of rewarding new and existing tenants with lease discounts comes with the expectation that those dollars are reinvested to bring fresh customers through the doors.

The truth is those dollars aren’t invested correctly. The result is tenant businesses continue to idle along while property managers are stuck appeasing them to stay with the rent reduction offers. It’s a never-ending cycle that eats up the bottom line.

Instead of continuing to lose money from rent reductions, some property managers decided to be proactive with their marketing . . .

The Solution is the Service
The question these successful property managers asked themselves was: How do we give a better deal to our prospective and existing clients, and pocket more money at the same time?

The answer is called Complete Shopping Center Marketing Solution. In comparison to other marketing services, Complete Shopping Center Marketing Solution is focused on building up a retail center location as a whole. This model creates a bond between small businesses and their customers. It tells customers what new services and discounts they can expect and helps businesses build a permanent relationship with their customers that leads into increased profits.

Until now, no one thought of property managers taking the step toward a virtual marketing program for their tenants like the Complete Shopping Center Marketing Solution. Yet, it’s the perfect solution that helps both property managers and their tenants increase business and profits.

This retail marking solution will not only increase traffic through tenants’ doors, but it will also keep them so satisfied with their commercial lease that they won’t need to be enticed to stay with another rent reduction.

They will be making the storefront profits they want and you will be able to pocket the difference you’ve been losing all these years.

The Proof is in the Profits
Various retail center and commercial property managers have said Complete Shopping Center Marketing Solution is truly a unique,  valuable and necessary solution for their struggling retail centers. Commercial Real Estate Broker and Agent Petra Parker said, “I like the fact that it's about building a location. It shows them the power of coop marketing in terms of driving local foot traffic to a retail center and increase profits.”

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