RED ALERT, Warning Historical Wars of Oppression

The inspiration behind this video was due to a conversation i was having with a good friend. About Socialism and Capitalism. After the conversation i had to do some research and go into it a little bit deeper. I found this video which is on youtube, and it was an interview which resonated the concerns, which took place in the conversation. Looking at current history and events this interview was really a great prediction of the future, which is our present day right now. Everything that Yuri Bezmenov has said, has taken place or is taking place.

Regardless of the situation in America, the same situation is taking place in my country Australia. The same ideological subversion is taking place in our education system. That Marxist ideals are good. But if you do your research in practice Marxist ideals are not good at all. The type of equality within a Marxist society is not the type of equality that some people actually think of. It is a slave equality.

While in our current Western Societies, we are seeing the rise of corporations taking control of our Governments and institutions. This is deemed as Fascism or National Socialism. Make no mistake, it is cloaked in Marxist ideals. Both appeal to working/middle class, and both have the same totalitarian outcome within the society.

While i am for some social programs, such as health care, unemployment benefits for those who are actively seeking work or who genuinely need it. It seems to work well in my country. But we all need to uphold our freedoms and liberties in our capitalist societies which have prospered because of what our freedoms bring to us.

So, I hope this is a warning to all those socialist/marxist/leftists out there. Get your head out of the sand. There is no difference between Fascism and Communism in practice.

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