Real Estate remains one of the safest investments in the world when there is a solid exit strategy.

Traditional investors buy properties without an end-user and speculate the exit strategy in one of two ways when trying to flip the property:
  • Use a realtor or self-sell when rehab is complete to sell property to the retail market
  • Sell the property to another investor (wholesale)

There are a few problems in today’s market:

  • In the recession that we are currently in, property values have the risk of depreciating
  • In the retail market, loans are harder to qualify for due to credit standards increasing.
  • In a buyer’s market the demand is not as high so there are many options for potential clients to choose from the result is discounting the property for less than appraised value.
HALO has solved most of the problems in residential real estate developing by creating its own market – the market of individuals who make decent income, have savings, but credit is the only hurdle keeping them renting.
As a matter of a fact, there are millions of people who are renting apartments or houses that would qualify for a mortgage if they did not have credit issues.
HALO designed a program to make a short-term bridge to home ownership possible for individuals who have all other FHA mortgage qualifications other than credit score. This is done in an average of 6 months or less which is far superior to most traditional lease options which take 2 to 3 years – that is if ever they convert successfully. Most lease options come with a bad reputation to buyers since there is no help overcoming credit issues and the client normally has to walk away from substantial down payments.

Our program allows you to:

  • Only buy properties with a committed, vested, screened end buyer who will agree to purchase the property at the appraised value
  • Do necessary repairs and not risk over-rehabbing a property, by having a contract with the buyer on exactly what is going to be done to property
  • Take most of the speculation out of real estate investing by knowing you have a property pre-sold before you ever buy a property again
  • Reduce your holding costs by having a rent paying tenant as soon as the rehab is complete
  • A turn-key approach that has the mortgage, title, appraiser, end buyer, contractor, and you as the investor all working together to have a common goal. CLOSE YOUR DEAL!
  • HALO will act as consultant and is only compensated upon successfully helping your end buyer
  • HALO’s flat fee approach allows you to keep the majority of your profit
  • In most cases, HALO will match the property, end buyer, and your prospected gross profit before you even commit to do the deal.  













Respectfully Given,



Dennis Ford Jr.

President/Managing Partner

Halo Foundation



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