Private Commercial Funding from $250k to $500,000,000

Principals……If you or anyone that you may know is need of funding for a commercial project, contact me. Available funding ranges from $250k to $500,000,000. Creative financing programs to fit your project and or situation including, and certainly not limited to, 100% Joint-Venture Financing.  Private lenders that we are direct to, are in some cases willing  to negotiate.

Brokers and Homeowners……. Don’t go into foreclosure…..Don’t file bankruptcy. A short sale will save your credit. Contact me for more information. Now accepting home loans under 100k for short sale option. We NEVER charge the homeowner a fee to negotiate and close a short sale.

Realtors and Principals……. Our lenders are aggressively seeking section 42 of the IRS code, but are not limited to this. This includes senior housing, student housing, people making $35K or less per year, or subsidized market.  We would be interested in any property yielding a MINIMAL NOI of $1,500,000...nothing less.  Anything above this would be great and we would be capable of taking it down!

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