Mexico, and its commercial real estate environment.

Us, commercial real estate professionals, view Real Estate from a special prespective.

We have been trained, during the years, to locate real estate assets, able to deliver high performance in their long term financials.

Just like in many countries, there was a great expansion of commercial buildings in Mexico, during the last 5 years.

So, now in Mexico, we don't offer only a great inventory of almost any kind of building you may think of, but due to the devaluation of the mexican Peso against the USD and the Euro, you can actually get a huge discount on industrial and commercial property, if you compare it against 2007 prices.

Also due to the fact (sad fact by the way) , of the GNP collapse during 2009, that some Economists say will be around 7 or 8 % decrease, now it makes more sense than ever, to locate industrial projects in Mexico.

This crisis will be time limited. It may even take 5 or 6 years to reach levels such as 2006, but the essentials of our country remain the same.

-Outstanding quality of our labor force.
-Closest distance to the biggest market in the world.

There may be economic turmoil , but new projects keep coming to Mexico, to install their factories.

Life will go on, and commercial real estate too.

Mexico still has so much potential, and is such a huge market for international products and for industrial projects of world class.

Mexican real estate have performed greatly, for commercial investiors during the years, and for sure, will remain as a great option for new ventures.

So, next time, your client ask about a potential relocation or expansion project, do not hesitate to remember that Corporate America has invested billions in Mexico, and yet there is still much more to do. And of course, do not hesitate to let us know.

Kind Regards to our 4 readers.

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