Islamic finance playing an important roll in global economic, from mor than 15 years ago many economist writ about the important to transform to Islamic finance many of authors are non Muslim , Muhammad Taqi Usmani present many of non Muslim authors quotes in his book " An introduction to Islamic finance " this book can read it in Google book at the link:


The Islamic finance has two important Aspects

First Aspect:

The risk-sharing philosophy : the lender and borrower must share the risk, there are no fix rate to borrow money, just partner to share winning and losing

Second Aspect:

  the promotion of economic and social development through specific business practices and through zakat (almsgiving)


Other important roll for Islamic finance but not all authors discuss is" sell what you have and don't sell what you don’t have" , Germany applying this roll for some finance instrument in summer 2009 To stop the deterioration of the exchange rate of the single European currency


How to apply the Islamic Finance in real estate sector


It is easy to apply Islamic finance for Islamic system

We do business as partner and to share winning and losing, we wish always winning

Sell the retail real estate with our to fix rate, we can sell with high price if the we sell for long term payment

We must take a social responsibility in our account when you make business, not just for poor people and for our business.


Many free articles and e-book about Islamic finance at internet, such as:




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