iphone,blackberry and Droid's. Talk about real estate networking on steroids.

Real estate is a simple game of numbers. The more you connect with the better odds you have of growing your real estate career. Before you would have to go to a mixer and hope to meet a handful of people out of dozens. On top of it all this would only take place a couple times a month. Now by the end of the day you can connect with dozens of useful contacts simply by using the new way of communicating.

I feel safe to say that more people check their facebook more than they do their personal email. The new phones and computers allow us to get almost none stop networking as though doing it on their own. Social networking allows time to be used in a targeted way. By simply mastering networks like facebook and Linkedin you are able to access thousands of people all form the touch of a screen.

Like anything it still takes effort on your part to make it work . And you still need to make contact with actual people if nothing else to not lose the skill of being able to carry a conversation.




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Comment by Roberto Padilla on October 10, 2010 at 8:18am
Bob as always thanks for reading. I just did a lecture on commercial financing and made a huge point of using social networking as the new way to network and market.

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