I started the day with a commercial structure fire. Investors and sales agents here is some food for thought

The tones went off around 4:45 this morning. On top of being involved in commercial real estate I am also a full time fireman for the City of Sacramento. The typical multiple companies being toned out signaled it was a structure fire. While in route I could see a column of smoke. Upon arrival I quickly recognized the building located on Folsom Blvd. it was the Bislas sports and bar formally know as the Library.

We had moderate smoke coming form the roof and to my surprise the owner was already there as to why I will touch later. After making entry through the front door heavy black smoke made it impossible to see anything, luckily for me I knew the building and the lay out. I knew this form not only going there with my wife but also form doing fire inspections in the past.

The fire was quickly located in the kitchen and knocked down. While the fire damage was minimal the smoke could prove very costly for the owners. The fact that I knew the building very well allowed me to navigate in the dark with confidence.

Two things to learn here. Remember the owner that was there at the same time. Well it turns out his alarm company contacted him first thinking it was an intruder alarm. As a business owner it is crucial that you have the right alarms and contact info in place.

As for the sales people the point to be made here is know your inventory and know it well. This will allow you to capitalize when the time comes. Many times buyers call and ask about a property if a clear picture is not painted to them they may walk. Understand the lay out and location inside and out your clients expect this from you. The last thing you want if for them to find out something you missed.




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