If you watch the news you might believe the sky is falling. Stocks are crashing, bond yields are down, vast sums of newly created capital disappeared into Wall Street without a ripple of liquidity in it's wake. No one can get a real estate loan over the new FHA limits because the secondary market will not purchase loans without government guarantees. The people buying cars, boats and RV's are paying cash. The disconnect between Congress, Wall Street and Main Street has never been more apparent. We keep hearing that this "has never happened before, it's unprecedented," giving the impression that we are on a ship with no rudder, no competent captain, no charted course and no way to avoid shipwreck on the rocks. Not true. This HAS happened before and it WILL happen again! This is a continuing economic cycle, this time complicated by International economic involvement. For proof see my Basic Economics video on you tube. It was filmed 5 years ago and covers today's events as well as those coming next.

I am telling you this to give you hope.

Anything we as a society have endured and survived, leaves a road map of recovery. It is up to each of us, as individuals, to examine that path for the steps we can take to accelerate our fiscal recovery. Individual action and effort is what comprises an economy. While each nation contributes to the global economy singular skills and products from oil to engineering, America has always delivered ideas, from the Declaration of Independence through aviation and the automobile. All invention is in answer to the perception of a problem or possibility. Our "I can!" approach to problem solving has led us to be one of the most diverse, productive and inventive societies the world has ever seen. I am suggesting that each of us adopts "I CAN!" as our slogan for the coming year and use it to ignite our creative, proactive ideas.

Problem: I may be laid off.
Response; "I CAN" become self sufficient by turning my talent, service or hobby into a business.

Problem; I need to sell a piece of property that has a negative cash flow.
Response: In a buyer's market "I CAN" be a buyer with my equity as a down payment.

Problem: My business is losing Customers, nobody is spending money today.
Response: "I CAN" sell my service or product for barter credit instead of cash, then spend the barter for what I buy and conserve my cash.

Problem: I want to buy some of the real estate bargains out there, but I don't have the cash for a down payment.
Response: "I CAN" use my old car, boat, RV as a down payment as all FNMA loans allow this to be done.

Problem: I can't afford my house payments since the loan adjusted.
Response: "I CAN" try to renegotiate my loan with my current lender of do an FHA refinance if that is possible. Or "I can" rent it out to gain some offsetting income.

Problem: I have a buyer for my property but they can't get a loan (or it won't appraise for value)
Response: "I CAN" carry or wrap the loan at the terms that the buyer can afford and no appraisal is necessary as long as the parties involved are content.

Problem: But I need my money to buy another property, I want a 1031 exchange!
Response: "I CAN" Carry the loan for the buyer, place the note with the Intermediary, and use it as a down payment on the replacement property.

Problem: I want to make a contribution to my retirement plan because it has lost so much value, but I don't have enough spare money.
Response: "I CAN" move my account to a self directed IRA with Entrust, buy a car, boat, truck, RV, or deed of trust at a huge discount. Then "I can" sell it at retail for cash or just mark it up to retail and use it as a down payment or an option on real estate, which is at historic lows!

Problem; I can't sell the real estate or the car, boat, truck, RV that I bought wholesale in my IRA for cash.
Response: But "I CAN" sell it for barter credits at retail and loan the barter credits to someone else for use as a down payment, thereby collecting cash income for my IRA!

Get it? The power of "I CAN" changes the way the mind approaches a problem. The problem becomes possibility. As a possibility, we know that "what the mind of man can perceive and believe, it can achieve!"

You Tube link for Economics #1

YouTube link for Economics #2
Magi Bird
EMSMaster (Equity Marketing Specialist)

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Comment by JW Najarian on September 7, 2009 at 7:08pm
Magi Bird, love this. The power of I Can is very powerful. Usually I can't really means I won't.

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