How to get the best title coverage for your client (part 12) CLTA

CLTA Endorsements
a. CLTA 100.7 - Prior CC&R Violation (9-10-93)

The CLTA 100.7 insures owners against loss due to a final court order enforcing the CC&Rs, based upon a pre-policy violation of the specific provision of the CC&Rs identified in the endorsement.

b. CLTA 100.29 - Mineral Reservation (9-10-93)

The CLTA 100.29 insures against damage to existing improvements caused by the surface extraction or development of minerals that are excepted in the Schedule A legal description or Schedule B special exceptions.

c. CLTA 102.5 - Foundation Location, CC&R Violation & Easements (9-10-93)

The CLTA 102.5 insures the lender that the building foundation is within the property boundaries and that the location of the foundation does not violate the CC&Rs or encroach onto any easements disclosed in Schedule B.

d. CLTA 103.1 - Easement Maintenance (9-10-93)

The CLTA 103.1 insures lenders against loss due to the exercise of a right of use or maintenance of an easement shown in a specific paragraph of the Schedule B special exceptions.

e. CLTA 103.3 - Easement Encroachment (9-10-93)

The CLTA 103.3 insures lenders against loss due to the forced removal (for the purpose identified within the endorsement) of improvements which encroach upon an easement in Schedule B.

f. CLTA 103.4 - Access (9-10-93)

The access endorsement insures that a specifically identified appurtenant easement provides access to and from a named public street.

g. CLTA 103.6 - Improvements Don't Encroach (9-10-93)

The CLTA 103.6 insures the lender that no improvements encroach onto the easement identified in the endorsement and shown in Schedule B.

h. CLTA 103.7 - Contiguity to Street (9-10-93)

The CLTA 103.7 insures that the land abuts upon a named, physically open street.

i. CLTA 110.5 - Mortgage Modification with Priority (9-10-93)

The CLTA 110.5 provides assurance to the insured lender that its mortgage/deed of trust has been properly modified and that the modification has been properly recorded. Also assures the insured lender that the priority of the lien has not been affected except as shown.

j. CLTA 114 – Coinsurance

The CLTA 114 allows liability to be shared by several title companies.

k. CLTA 116 - Address (9-10-93)

The address endorsement assures the insured that a specific type of improvement, designated with a specific address, is located on the land described in Schedule A. The address endorsement also assures that the map attached to the policy verifies the correct location and dimensions of the land.

l. CLTA 116.1 - Survey (9-10-93)

The CLTA 116.1 endorsement insures that the land delineated on the named and attached survey is the same as the land described in Schedule A of the title insurance policy.

m. CLTA 116.4 - Contiguity to Land (9-10-93)

The CLTA 116.4 provides assurances that the land described in the endorsement is contiguous to the land described in Schedule A of the title insurance policy.

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