How can commercial brokers can profit from commercial clients with projects in Mexico.?

The key is in the network. The key is to have a team able to develop and close the projects in Mexico, If you are a CRE Agent, from a nationwide full service brockerage firm, with a huge base of Residential Realtors, that are able to constantly feed you with client leads, of corporate or commercial clients, the same process can be exported abroad, meaning that for a country wise, if you have a team able to develop the projects abroad, then, there is a huge potential to close many, many deals. We must remember few things that confirm this":

Mexico is a final destination for billion of dollars from Corporate Transnational Companies each year.
Mexico industrial base is a perfect destination for global companies looking to improve on theier competitive edge.
Mexico retail market, is huge, and dozens of franchise operators have operations here since the 80's
For Instance, Monterrey has at any given time 5,000,000 sq ft of industrial buildings available to be leased on a NNN base. All of them , very motivated to pay 5 % or 6% commision, Just to made the numbers, a 50,000 sq ft single tenant building lease on a NNN basis typical comission is about $60,000 dlls, and in 90% of the cases this amount is to be spliteed among the tenant reps only , i.e. no listing agent involved, since open listings rules the market..

Then, therfore, the strategy to follow MUST BE TO PARTNER WITH AN SPECIALIST IN THE COUNTRY.

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