My client is a high net-worth company in the process of diversification and wants to be linked with a resourceful individual/company of integrity, experience and expertise. I have chosen you, due to our past cordial business relationship. It’s a European company in the process of shutting down their operations in the Baltics and the principal board member, Mr. Woods is a long-time friend and old school mate of mine. He has been mandated by the other directors to act for and on their behalf in replacing a sick director presently receiving treatment in France.

They have a portfolio dedicated for growth even in areas outside of the Euro-zone and Mr. Woods has been authorized to partner with an individual and/or company that can provide a strategic vehicle to grow this portfolio under their professional expertise. They are looking for a suitable individual/company with proof of competence to provide a reasonable Return on Investment (ROI) both in the short and long term i.e. tactical/strategic. This project transaction involves a lot of money and for your participation as a new Director/ Trustee/ Partner you will earn serious money as well.

Kindly get back to me at your earliest convenience so I can link you with Mr. Woods for further Details contact us via our email:

Thank you and best regards,

Fiona Mackenzi

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