Earn three to four times your current interest rate

Trust Deed Investing

Tired of the low rates of returns on your bank CD's? Do you want to avoid the high volatility of the stock market and
the fees charged by your broker?

We are professional real estate investors that buy, rehab, and sell
property. Our high-yield Trust Deed lending opportunity is the perfect
resource to earn the returns you deserve.

Earn a set interest rate of 12%, secured by
real property, using your savings, bank CD’s, credit lines, or retirement
accounts (IRA’s, 401k, etc.)

Using private lenders allows us to purchase the property paying “All
Cash.” This gives us a much better opportunity to get the deal. It
also allows us to avoid conventional bank financing hassles which are very time
consuming and frustrating.

As the private lender you will have a trust deed lien on a property we are
rehabbing. You become the bank and are given the same protections a bank

Don't settle for less! If you have
capital that isn’t currently earning a 12% return, contact us and increase the
yield on the same money you're investing now and enjoy the results!

$50,000 invested at an annual rate of 3% is $1,500. That same $50,000 invested
with us at 12% will earn you $6,000 over the same 12 months. That’s an
additional $4,500 in your pocket.

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