All the international pressure, Iran `s nuclear energy in spite of (and in fact, nuclear weapons) do not want to give up inevitably to mind so why take the risk and that all those who bit caller what lies behind the question brings. State has one of the world's oldest traditions of this country without any account of all the country `` Western civilization against such a move will allow us to perform non-visible. Apart from a few newspapers are not considered in our press Nuclear Iran file-economic strategic insight into the behind the scenes we wanted to.

When we examined the issue in depth, Iran `s in fact, since many countries in 1960 and try to play the dictator had lost a player as we have seen the end of the gaming table: Dolar gambling.

Second World War Europe today `sI` Inda Iraq was not any different. First War then, as Second World War After that, nothing in his hand could not buy a child playing with deck deck banknotes images in many European countries had become routine. For European countries can not rely on their own money, brought under a certain amount of dollars to pay the money promised to the Western world `s single currency, a master of America was the most reliable way.

Twenty-five years after the war, the world, as the money is guaranteed under the dollar based on the use of Bretton Woods was dominated by the financial system. untill that, dollar gambling tables of the first global player Charles De Gaulledo a large amount of `reputation as America` or take on the plane at the bottom to ask for money up: In 1965, U.S. dollar against gold coins were not declared. Immediately after reaching the summit in 1968, almost a socialist revolution in the heart of Europe `could lead to making the lives of students coming events France` had a stroke. Here and there by, CIA`in De Gaulle`The allegations against assassinated three failed to mention. The first player to the table gambling dollars has continued for a large amount, but the rest consisted of the opposite side of the bluff to see was obliged to leave the table could not dare. New printed on the dollar, the wave passes with the world as we trust God `was written. Of money on self-righteous American de yansmıştı. Later in the work and thoroughly out of control with God would claim to speak for the American president was certain to be seen in those days.

on time predictably, Bretton Woods System collapsed, but the dollar's dominance, America `or unprecedented in world history to provide an advantage by increasing continued: America is getting longer and the whole world unrequited dollars were distributed to. And paper with no value except when non-dollar, as the world reserve currency in central bank has to keep. This phenomenon continues today due to less space ship Five of the American Management hundred and fifty billion dollars is the budget deficit are given. Large part of the state of world income, all the people who can not trust the national currency, the personal accumulation of dollars by converting their stubbornly continued to give America `or outright debt. Dollarization The term entered the economic terminology.

By opening a parenthesis here, the dollar gambling all the time, not directly in the game, but the table was a sine qua non factor we want to underline that happen again. Despite occasional mızıkçılık interests, with the former name USSR, Yalta Agreement`from the days until the collapse, America` s best partner had come past. Two common, their share in Yalta `always remained faithful. America, like France, the little fellow out of the problem with the Soviet Union and communist bugaboo to frighten extremely pleased, unrequited printing dollars, the countries of the Soviet Union for its part fell to exploit much more despotic ways.

Thousand nine hundred and ninety-two events, we come to enjoy America `s kidnapped. First, the European common currency euro `s` s birth, the second one, the second will have no qualms about bluffing to see and be seated at the table was a gambler.

America `s Middle`Iran` s ally, following the ancient regime change sukoyverip to go all the balances may change on the US-Israel worried by Iran `a haunting for years supported the Saddam Kuwait`e entering their world upside down, but the balance did not, on a world's three largest oil producers as one of (if Kuwait was in the hands of the world's biggest producer would be) oil will no longer sell at Euro declared. Gambler was bluffing. America has never seen the first bluff. First Gulf WarSaddam `I got up from the table in` find debt and re-mortar was persuaded to return. Somehow, Turgut ÖzalDespite `s insistence, at a time, not finishing the job. Find and return to the gaming table when Saddam's debt, everyone Second Gulf War`cause the need was understood. Iraq `s in the years North a new ally in the entire region will be haunting the country was peydahla. The extra bluff like Saddam, sitting for the second time (longitude) node has lost all assets in the gambling tables.

In the meantime, everyone's curiosity, the poor, although not much really, its licentiousness and gambling tables excess funds to America `s not based on the fact finansörünün who were attracted. Before long it occurs: China.

China and Japanhas attracted the head of ` Asia today's dollar reserves of the countries And a half trillion dollars past cases. So far there's nothing they can do except to accumulate dollars was. Because, a large part of the money they earn, earn to spend it and more accustomed to the luxury standards American people`s came forward from the sauce. The bulk of the exports are to America `ya, the money was received in dollars. Energy sources was limited. America thanks to recent terror es freedom Far`or` the world's most important energy from the Middle East region have taken control of, the hills like the sword of Damocles hung in `. Energy and natural resources are not sufficient to countries where production what not?

However, the total amount they hold in their hands ultimately unrequited paper consisted of the American budget deficit has exceeded half a billion dollars a day very soon indeed any of these reserves for non-paper thoroughly become danger became apparent. The lack of such a danger to say, America `s power by controlling all the world's oil resources to increase the sword at any time and meant to spend their heads. In short, between the lines of forty and forty mules were caught.

We come to today, the two new players to the gambling tables of the act we have seen to sit üzre: Latin America`following players Chavez, Fun to do and great players than yancılık to support Iran `ı üzre table. Behind them to follow the surprise players there are quite big and little faith.

Always on the table but never the big game before it safe to go diving with Iran, the rest pulled: At the end of this month and the stock exchange will set up its own oil borasısını Euro`yu used as currency has been announced. So far and the risk sağlamcılık known for a gambler who does not like Iran `s such a huge game to sit, America` s `or` big play or say you'll be at the table comes from.

Iran, after such an attempt, she shot herself to America `s no chance that the other knows. Because, Iran `s initiative raises the dollar will become really a paper. America `s the only way he is afraid to attack the nuclear weapon. Also to use nuclear weapons against America or think `. Israel is America `s you know the real master and hit delete if you mean to Israel` i from the map. Meanwhile, in Israel increased from seven to her husband remained Hormuz is, in Zionist Israel back curtain of the master as necessary Americas `t know they can remove it from the eyes of Israel as` e, `America` t leave the time has come. America `t going to look out, I accept my power, I'm going to learn to live in peace with` message is given.

Events only America, Iran, Israel, China and even Turkey, not all countries in the world has to return to arapların hair. For everyone `dilemma` forty mules forty lines available. All the world financial system will be affected by this chaos.

America Iran `s oil market if allowed to maneuver, but it certainly would collapse in the long run certainly knows. Meanwhile, the collapse of intent from the collapse of the state as a hegemonic super-let said. Such states, spur of the moment is not collapse, when no crash happens. On the other hand, China and Russia `s UN Security Council Considering that the permanent members, the America `s` i hit Iran, Germanso far does not face the size of a `head over to the enemy in front, by any ally, including Britain-without-receive means.

Iran, the dollar does not play gambling with America can remain for a long time, and neighbors know that ultimately will be destroyed. The only way the rest of nuclear weapons. It also has a price, of course, but no other choice.

Japan, America `ya herşeyini case was delivered. There are large reserves of dollars. America `s also very large investments. On the other hand what does the natural source of energy. These resources in hand as long as America `s also available on the gaming table or delivered to the intensive America` no other choice.

China, the key to all these equations and complete in a dilemma. If Iran `If I sacrifice, herşeyini just as Japan` s America `s do not have to be delivered into the hands. What can produce enough energy without, nor Argentina and Brazil on natural resources can be exploited easily, such as needed to make horse will remain prestige. Export-oriented economy will shrink over time and is now kept under control for the prisoners to run with the land, such as vigilance regime problems able to turn his head, even food. But if the dollar's reserve currency in the hands of Iran `i supports burst will be forced to assume the risk.

On the other hand Russia, precisely will not receive as America `or attitude, though, this gamble under the counter to support Iran` ı teşne looks. Especially Ukraine After the events in America to have the broke the tacit agreement will want to punish. World energy resources that controls the give and take with America as the two countries to continue with the business revenue sharing approach, the break could compromise if necessary.

Turkey and the rest of the countries of the world have similar problems. What will be the dollar's reserve currency in their hands?

What will the EU do? Possible to replace the Dollar currency, the architects of the country are still a political dwarf economic giant. To enter Turkey `s unity is vital in terms of both Turkey and the EU. Turkey an EU `s` You diameter of such a hegemony all over the world and EU leaders not yet known by the known, but ... Super-State been integrated with the EU will have an independent great power in Turkey `s EU and the EU, especially in nuclear power by saying` no `to defend the EU without me making any kind of sauce is France` t scare.

We discussed various areas of friends "and that America will do something to varta also bypassing" he says. But we, in Iran `s history with dozens of America has played such a big gambler thinks," not lose, "he can not, but lose, even against damage from a maximum think this business not be closed. Moreover, in recent years, especially of nuclear technology and mobile phone technology R & D, manufacturing and sales companies in Europe and the rest of the world and to sliding on the center of the mouse big capital stateless person American Ship`ni start claiming we leave. (sample CERN, Nokia, Mobile phones, smartcard technology French origin, MicrosoftEurope against software patents `a and` anti-American attitudes and the following cases, etc..)

Tenders were opened by our convictions!

Based games, such as priests who do, who we will see who shove game after that. The countries to worry about the dollar will hand side.

This of course will not occur suddenly, but it will take a long time to come to this point after based on the dollar's value, America `s super-state will keep the position would be wrong to think much.

Note: This news, 7 March 2006 `t` or the night of March 8, 2006 Ismail Kizir written by starting from the morning of March and 8 among Safety Organization, Genelkurmay and many academics, including members of the nearly fifty thousand people via a mass email to announce the publication was put in the site. The author is the owner and author as `un article on" editor "of the passage just saw the name, puts one in everyone's eyes in capital letters such as" Ismail Kizir"To write, it did not want to put it on top of a photo.

Despite all these facts, some parties on the internet, claiming to have their own text, text on top of it with their own names "Mulkiyeliler Association Journal"nde they had published were written.

Turkey `s the name of one of the distinguished universities involved in such a scandal and we belong to a professional community that the magazine be the cheapest tool to games has hurt us deeply.

Our warning on that particular author (you only have the name, he is not. ID number and verification to make insistent demands by not responding is not a real person, the person who uses this name in fact the implication that someone else has confession) and Authorities Association Journal Mulkiyeliler acknowledge mistakes, apologize, and the next issue of the magazine in a text published an apology to the public announcing the situation would have specified. We expect to keep their promise.

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