Distressed Property Professional's Podcast Series

We're kicking of 2010 with a new Distressed Property Professional's Podcast Series.

I'm talking with top members of the community about the distressed commercial real estate challenges and opportunities out there now and that lie ahead. The 3 pros I spoke with for the January series have been involved in nearly half-billion dollars in commercial real estate transactions and they've taken the time to share what they know and what they see ahead.

Opportunities and Challenges in Commercial Property Receivership
* 1980-82, 1990s and now whats different, what’s the same?
* The mechanics of successful receivership assignments
* Working with banks and bankers
* Challenges and opportunities in commercial property and receivership

6 Critical Components for a Successful Distressed Assets Funds
* 6 Key Components to Assembling a Successful Distressed Assets Fund
* Raising Money For a Distressed Assets Fund
* The biggest mistake would-be investors make in starting a fund

How to Setup and Run Successful Distressed Asset Mastermind Groups
* Ken’s involvement as the broker on the famous Wang Towers deal in the 1990s and the details behind it.
* The differences between the last crash and this (forthcoming) one
* How he sets up and runs successful distressed asset networking (aka Mastermind) groups
* The commercial real estate challenge facing banks today and what they can do about it
* Forecast for the commercial real estate market

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