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Lane Guide - Largest Lender Directory since 1957

Many of you may or may not know about Lane Guide, but if you do not you probably need to find out. If you are out there struggling to connect with bank resources like loss mitigation, asset managers Lane Guide is your answer. How do I know this... I have used this increadible tool to gain relationships with the people that matter at many institutions.

This is not just a commercial for a great product, but there have been some major updates (see below). So if you have checked out this product before it is time to check it out again.

The leading lender and banking directory since 1957, the Lane Guide has been widely used by the industry to locate information concerning payoffs, demands, verifications, returned check disposition, loss mitigation, Bank REO (Real Estate Owned) lender asset management contacts, locate foreclosure trustees, complete bank/lender merger history, acquisition references, missing assignments, mortgage discharges and other types of financial information. The Lane Guide lists over 140,000 open and closed lenders, creditors, banks and asset managers nationwide.

What Lane Guide Subscribers Receive:
• Over 140,000 Nationwide Listings (The Largest Industry Database Available)
• Over 40 years of Closed Lenders Cross-Referenced to their Current Successor
• Research Requests at NO ADDITIONAL charge
• Find the EXACT loan servicing location or special department YOU NEED
• Direct access to Loan Servicing, REO & Loss Mitigation offices
• Locate successor of record for missing title assignments
• Avoid Delays! - Fees and Rating Policies BEFORE you call or write
• Toll-Free Customer Service and Technical Support
• Avert Errors - Don't send verifications or payoffs to unreliable addresses!
• All backed by nearly 50 years of Industry Proven Service

Service Updates

Lane Guide is pleased to announce they have released a new updated online REO Department search version for the Lane Guide Online site. The changes have been implemented and are available online now.

REO Departments and Asset Administrators: Lane Guide has re-written the REO search application to more effectively display REO contacts by states servicing. You will notice new entities on the search results and better result counts for REO search menu.

Over 5,000 Lender Updates: We have processed over 5,000 updates to our general database in the past 6 months, including more lender mergers and bank closure/consolidations. Remember, there have been 95 federal bank seizures and over 1,200 lenders/institutions that have closed or merged in the past year alone*.

JW Najarian

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Comment by Vernon Tryon on August 20, 2010 at 1:47pm
Hello JW,
Have anyone here use the Lane Guide?

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