Alcoholic Beverage Plant Investment - Price per share - 1 800,00 USD

Property listings

Manufacturing area – 2,900 sq.m., property of the company.

Equipment list

RFilling line, automatic dosing-filling machine, blending machine for liquid and gummy products, bottle washhouse, sealing equipment, closing machine, weighing-and-filling machine, filters, machine for flavored spirit preparation, and other equipment necessary for the whole process of manufacturing.

This Plant located in Sumy region of Ukraine is a good investing opportunity for those who want to get a significant stable profit for years. This alcoholic beverage manufacturer from the time of its inception has made rapid and sustainable growth in a very short period of time to be a largely self-funded company with good financial capital base and it established itself as one of the key players in this industry in the country. Last year the plant was reconstructed and at present it is equipped with the latest machinery and technology to cater to the growing demands of the country. The plant also has its own production test laboratory with all necessary facilities for quality control. The company uses Extra Spirit made from high-quality cereals and water from its own artesian well 120 m deep for manufacturing more than 40 alcoholic beverages with adequate bottling capacity to cater to the demands of the country. Quality of all products and processes are the hallmark of this manufacturer and standards of quality control are observed in all aspects of the business, including fermentation, distillation, blending, bottling, packaging, etc. The company has established partner distribution network including two brand-name stores to ensure strategic increase of sales therefore sustainable return for investors.


The company constantly endeavors to add more products, it believes in innovations and introduces new technologies to increase production capacity, meet the growing demands, and ensure that all manufacturing processes are carried out safely and securely. At present the company requires additional infusion of money as it moves forward.

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