Going green is the latest trend which has taken over America. Nowadays, people from every culture are molding their lifestyles and opting for greener ways. The real estate business is not lagging behind anyone in this regard, and nowadays, people are looking for ways to make their homes ‘green’ and environmentally-friendly.

When one talks about a green home, the first thing which comes into mind is the usage of eco-friendly material in the construction of the house. Though a lot of people know that there exists something called eco-friendly material, most people have no idea what it actually is. Nonetheless, people are conscious about green homes and buying and selling homes with the label of ‘green’ attached to it. Green properties have become commonplace in the real estate market these days.

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Comment by glenn klingensmith on June 3, 2011 at 6:40am
James you are correct. In the past the expense quickly "tempered" the desire. But now technology and manufactures attitudes have caught up with market demands. "green" no longer means 5%-10% additional costs. All price points can be "green" and possibly even less than conventional ! When speed of construction, coupled with "green" techniques, which have no additional expense are employed, it is a "no-brainier"!  Then you can start calculating energy savings with insurance savings, it's cheap living!

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