A Simple Super-Cool Way To Get Quality Leads And Have Fun Doing It In Two Easy Steps!

I got this from a friend recently and thought it might help...cheers...

At least 80% of your activities online should be lead generating. Ironically,  effective lead generation is still elusive to many real estate professionals online. The problem is that most real estate professionals don’t have a prospecting plan in place that is consistent and makes the best use of their talents, knowledge, and time. If you are currently prospecting online and haven’t had success in finding places to prospect OR a method to maximize your efforts and time it’s an easy fix to turn around and get results.

Step One:

Choose Places Online To Prospect Where There Are Captive Audiences

The biggest mistake real estate professionals make in online prospecting is to choose social networks, forums, and other online places in which their target markets are not present. In order to prospect efficiently online you need to
frequent the places where your market goes to find answers and engage in conversation about your topics of expertise.

Two great places to do so are Question and Answer Websites and Online Forums. Question and Answer websites have had an annual growth rate of over 100% year after year. Many Internet Users will type questions directly into their browsers and the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) will return a list of Question and Answer websites.

Here is a list of active Question and Answer websites with their corresponding Google PageRank. You will want to take some time to explore these sites and then choose no more than three to start focusing on as part of your daily online lead generation activities.

Question and Answer Websites

1. able2know.org Google Page Rank 5

2. Active Rain Q&A Google Page Rank 4

There’s room here for more professionals to jump in and
answer consumer questions.

3. allexperts.com Google Page Rank 5

4. answerbag.com Google Page Rank 6

5. answers.com Google Page Rank 7

6. askmehelpdesk.com Google Page Rank 6

7. askpedia.com Google Page Rank 3

8. askville.com Google Page Rank 6

9. bitwine.com Google Page Rank 5

10. blurtit.com Google Page Rank 5

11. chacha.com Google Page Rank 6

12. dizzay.com Google Page Rank: Unranked

13. ether.com Google Page Rank 4

Create a service listing and get paid to answer questions by phone or email

14. fluther.com Google Page Rank 5

15. grupthink.com Google Page Rank 4

16. justanswer.com Google Page Rank 5

Apply as an expert and if you’re accepted get paid for the answers

17. knowbrainers.com Google Page Rank 4

18. Linked In Questions Google Page Rank 7

19. liveperson.com Google Page Rank 8

Apply as an expert and set a fee for your service

20. Live Search QnA Google Page Rank 8

21. Minti Q&A Google Page Rank 4

22. mosio.com (Mobile QnA site) Google Page Rank 5

23. oyogi.com Google Page Rank 4

24. simplyanswer.com Google Page Rank 3

25. simplyexplained.com Google Page Rank 4

26. Trulia Voices Q&A Google Page Rank: Unranked

27. whatshouldisay.com Google Page Rank 2

28. wikianswers.com Google Page Rank 7

29. wis.dm Google Page Rank 6

30. yahooanswers.com Google Page Rank8

31. yedda.com Google Page Rank 6

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