We are a valid, national buyer that pays cash for executive homes and commercial properties which are over leveraged and facing foreclosure.  

   We can provide proof of funds up to (Two Million Dollars plus) $2,000,000.00+ per transaction.  We specialize in private lending and pre-foreclosures and seeking to buy residential and commercial real estate.  We can be in contract in less than 7 business days.


  In these difficult times, homeowners who have a mortgage that owe more than the value of their home are at risk in the near future as prices continue to decline further. 


   As a short sale investor we help homeowners escape the financial bondage and avoid a foreclosure as a short sale cash buyer.  We guide the homeowner from the financial hardship letter through the entire short sale process AT NO COST and also connect them with qualified and screened local short sale Realtors to offer no cost help.

    As you may already know, it is estimated that through 2012, as high as 50% plus of homeowners who have a mortgage on their home will owe more than the current value of their property.  While loan modifications can offer short term solutions, unfortunately nearly all of these homeowners are unable to endure the staying power of keeping up with maintenance, repairs compounded with just any one minor household emergency, cannot pay the new modified loan payment.

   The survival factor is, many homeowners are delaying the inevitable while cashing out hard earned retirement accounts, savings, using credit cards to pay bills and borrowing money from family members to keep their heads above water.  True financial relief from a short sale is all most homeowners in hardship need.  


   This is by no means something that should be taken lightly.  A foreclosure can have serious implications to the homeowner and their family financially and emotionally.  Don’t Delay Call NOW! 772-24LOANS.

    Our HOMEOWNERS STRATEGIC PLAN will take their stress away and live PAYMENT FREE for several months!!  A Strategy with a Proven Plan is what they need to beat this financial burden and not allowing it to wreck them financially.  SMART, YES!

   We advise not sign up for anything that is not a long-term solution for this problem. They owe this to themselves  and their family.  

   In addition to being consumer advocates we also can legally pay for referrals you submit for any of our finance and real estate solutions. Visit: 

Do you Know anyone that is 1 month or more behind on their mortgage with a property that is $300,000 or more above the medium price range?  Do you know others with less expensive homes?  We can help these homeowners as well.

  OUR MISSION is to provide a valid FRESH START selling option to homeowners who are facing foreclosure who have no means to sell their property and who want to avoid a potential foreclosure and or bankruptcy on their credit file.  

  We will work with the home seller in full State approved disclosure and lender compliance with cooperative and eager home sellers who desire the most practical, pain free, stress free remedy and solution.  Should you want to move forward please feel free to call me direct 7 day, 772-24LOANS.

Thank you in advance for any consideration. 

Jorge Diaz Jr.,   
Certified Realty Planner
NYS Real Estate Broker
Private Lender Underwriter, Expediter, Investor

Telephone: 772-24LOANS, Cell: 917-508-8356
Skype: jorgediazjr



Short Bio:   Licensed in the real  estate field over 32 years, in the finance industry over 20 years, a Senior Commercial Loan Underwriter, Expediter, Real Estate Broker, Certified Realty Planner, Personal Real Estate Investor, Strategic Business Alliance Affiliate Adviser, Coach, and International Mentor/Speaker. 

As a consumer advocate I am dedicated to educating and enlightening My Affiliates, Clients and the Public at large in the field of real estate, finance strategies and opportunities available in today's challenging market place.

                                                                                                          Copyright © 2010 MoneyToLoanUSA.com

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