Now the don’ts: Don’t sign up for everything. EVERYONE claims to be the Grand Poobah of whatever they do…that’s marketing at its best. Not every website or real estate service is going to have VALUE for you. You have to determine this for yourself. Research those companies, perform FREE demos when available, try before you buy. Poll your colleagues in this industry and find out what they find useful. Find out how many hits that website gets per month. Check their ratings. As a Commercial REALTOR you have become expert in due diligence. Practice it regarding your business. You can expend so much viable energy adding yourself to every directory and CRE or RE website out there with very little results. Let’s go back to the rule of thumb: What is the Value? What is the ROI? Then make your educated decision.

Finally, be the “GO-TO” guy or gal in your area. Dominate your market by becoming THE source for accurate information and advice and enjoy yourself while doing it. You may not be the biggest player on the field, but with agility and speed you can catch success at the goal line if you continuously determine to improve YOU. The crazy dance you do in the end zone…well that’s up to you my friend.


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