2012: BE the Gamechanger

2011 is rapidly coming to a close as we prepare to open the book of history to be known as “2012” and embark on a new season of Commercial Real Estate. At this time of year we typically take personal inventory and make assessments in order to make improvements for the coming year, or at the very least resolve to do so.

The Commercial Real Estate world is so ever-changing because it is relational to so many various factors, a “dependency” we can do little about.  I go back to something I heard repeatedly throughout my childhood, “Do something about what you CAN do something about”. Albeit grass-roots simplified, it holds tremendous truth in its essence. We can watch the market change day to day, track the wavering price per square foot, read the myriad of opinions regarding the state of “our union” (i.e. CRE) or….

You can dive deep into Lake U and perform an examination of strengths, weaknesses, business practices, communication protocol, leadership ability, character and purpose. Everything that we do in this business should provide value. If you are not taking ownership of your life in CRE, you will become just another complaining prodigy who broke the rose colored glasses that you entrusted for your motivation and enthusiasm. Discern you purpose. Set clear goals. Be precise and realistic. Plan each day and leave room for the incidentals. In this day and age, you have so many resources for up-to-the-minute information, market data and industry insight. It’s time to focus on what you bring personally that makes all those things coalesce into a successful Commercial Real Estate Services provider. The professional that is passionate about all things CRE will draw much more than those who choose only to expectorate data at their client in order to impress.  Steadily improve your skills. Learn the new software. Be mobile (if you haven’t already). There are some tremendous CRE-related mobile apps for your tablet. Whether you are a broker/agent, retail broker, site-selection consultant, there is application that will improve your game. Learn a new language. Use Social Media to its full benefit to promote yourself.


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