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Looking for a direct business lender

We would like to be able to provide some direct business lending to our clients and Realtors as part of our portfolio.

We already are SBA approved, however those loans must include land or building.

Absolutely NO BROKERS!

Please contact me at


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Needed immediately for Commercial rehab

I am currently looking for a hard money loan for a commercial rehab at 50% of appraisal in GA.

12 month term.

Contact me if you can do this and fund in 10 days.

Lynne Spencer

The Lending Corporation


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Commercial and Residential Project Lending throughout the U.S., Europe, etc.

Do you have a client  or do you need a loan? We can finance residential and commercial properties. 

We can finance land, churches, gas stations, hotels, construction to perm for residential and commercial, offices, retail, assisted living, multi-family, and other businesses and properties, shopping centers, etc. 

Our jumbo residential loans are available with 10% down and no MI with ficos over…

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Hotel Construction, Specialty Projects, Other Assets and Bridge Loan Program

Construction and Bridge Loan Program

Finance provides first lien non-recourse (completion and standard carve out guarantees only) construction,

acquisition, bridge, recapitalization, and debtor-in-possession financing under its Construction and Bridge Loan

Program to borrowers for real estate projects located throughout the United States.

Terms and conditions under loan program typically include the following*: Eligible Locations: Real estate projects located…


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Looking to buy Income Producing Asset

Looking to buy income producing Multi-family, Office Building, Mixed Use or Hotel in Manhattan only.

$50,000,000 to $120,000,000.

If you are direct or have this yourself and want to sell, please contact me asap at with a complete summary including cap, etc.


Lynne Spencer

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Commercial Loans in all 50 states

Are you interested in being able to finance hotels, multi family, gas stations and other commercial products? We can finance into the multi-millions and possibly into the billions if the project warrants it.

Also looking for prime hotels in prime locations and development possibilities in Las Vegas for residential.

100% available for re-development projects.

We can do what others can't!!!

Contact Lynne at

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Hotels in CA, NY and London, etc.

Great opportunity to own high class hotels in N.Y., CA., Vegas, N.J. and Hawaii.

My partner is direct to the attorney handling these properties, so NO daisy chain involved.

If you are direct to a buyer, please contact me at

Absolutely NO daisy chains!

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Wanted from Seller or Seller's Mandate/Rep

A class multi family, hotels, office buildings, etc. in prime areas like New York, California, Florida, Chicago, Las Vegas.

Also, willing to look at partially developed or shovel ready condos, single family, etc. in same areas.

Must be direct or seller.  No intermediaries.

Direct to buyers and funds.


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Las Vegas

Looking for land for development of housing or partially built housing in the Las Vegas area.  Must be at least shovel ready. Condos, multi family or single family development.

If you are direct or have something, please contact me asap at



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Need Land loan for $1.5MM

Need land loan for development purposes.

Total purchase is 2.5M for both parcels but they really just have to close the 1.5M if that makes this easier. 


They already have 1.4M into it. They can put another 250k in if loan is 1.5M and they would do 600k if 2.5M-3M loan 

Please contact me at if you are a…


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100% Financing for Special Projects

Joint Venture financing for developments in cities to improve housing, assisted living, etc. Land does not have to be purchased, but full summaries must be provided.

Ground up, OK.

Hedge Fund wants to repurchase in 7 years with profit to venture partner.

Contact Lynne Spencer at with all information and phone number to contact primary investor.  No broker chain and must be in the U.S.

Thank you

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Rentals and fix and flip

I have access to a number of properties for fix and flip or rehab, rent and hold in the Sarasota/Manatee County areas of Florida (West Coast).  SFRs, 2-4 units and multi-family.

If you are looking, please email me what your criteria is and I am willing to help.

Can also set up rentals for Section 8 as it is very desirable in this area with really good rents.

Rental income is good compared to prices of properties.

Please email me at

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Notes and REO

I have a client with over $6MM of notes in NY and 1 in Panama, Fl which includes 1 hotel and SFRs.

Willing to sell at 65%.

If interested, please contact me asap with name, email and phone number.

NO daisy chains.  We are direct and you must be the buyer or direct to the buyer.

Lynne Spencer

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Need Direct Lenders/Private Lenders

For hard money, rehab, asset loans, business loans and commercial construction loans.

NO upfront fees other than appraisals.

Please contact


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Needed Immediately

Direct Lender for property in Sarasota, Fl.

Under contract and need approx. 70% of ARV for purchase and rehab.  $500K.

Needs to close on Friday.

Have credit reports, documentation, ARV, budget, etc. and need to close on Friday.

Brokers have led us down the proverbial rabbit trail.

We need a lender NOW.

Please call or email me with what you have to or…


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Need private investors for rehab, hard money and bridge loans

I have several clients and need funds asap for 3 deals.

2 rehab and 1 bridge with cross collateralization.

If you can help, please email me asap at



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Looking for Private Lenders and Asset Based

Looking to add more private and asset based lenders.

We have a number of clients looking for loans with good credit and good assets.

If you are looking for a great return, please contact me asap.



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Need rehab loans and Hard Money asap

Looking for a 65% ARV loan that needs to close next week in the amount of $237,500.  Ficos low 700's in an LLC with experience and 2 months bank statements.  Will not provide tax returns.  Don't need for more than 6 months as it is a fix and flip with a value of $425-450K.

Property is in Connecticut.

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Out-of-the-Box Lending

Should you or any of your colleagues or clients need a loan for residential or commercial property, we lend in all 50 states and can do loans that most other banks or lenders either will not, or cannot, including foreign nationals and higher ratio debt to income on FHA at 50%. 

Minimum loan amounts on all of our programs is $100K and can do super jumbo to multi-millions including construction to perm and non-owner…


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Looking for distressed properties

Looking for distressed properties with good ARV to rehab and sell in the Sarasota area.

Prefer off market or bank owned or foreclosed.

Please contact me asap.

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"Early Adopter Upside with 90% Downside Protection" Sale is now live with up to 6X bonuses


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