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How does Stryde Solutions help commercial property owners?

Stryde Solutions helps commercial property owners get their property taxes reduced with no upfront fees. Our company attends all meetings with tax officials so the owner does not have to do that.

For USA businesses, we help them grow in 6 key ways with NO upfront fees


*CREDIT CARD MERCHANT AUDIT - no need to change…


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A One Stop Worldwide Creative Funding Solution For You


Larry Potter

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Escrow accounts in your name or your client's name from $100K to $30M

This is not a loan.

These are samples from actual client inquiries (rates subject to change):

1. Escrow account POF for $671K. Pricing will be 3.95% for 30 days.

2. The minimum for $750K is 30 days. The 30 day pricing is 3.25%

3. 100k for 6 months. The pricing would be 7 percent for the first month. 2 percent for each additional month.

4. $165,000 and $1,500,000 for 6 months and 12 months:

$165K is 6.75% for the first month and 2% per month for…


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Unsecured USA Business Lines - Funding in 10-15 days

* $50K- $100K or More
* No collateral required
* No financial or tax returns
* We work with damaged Credit
* No restrictions on use offunds
* Funding in 10-15 days.
* Helps build business credit.
* Not reported on personal credit.
* Use funds for Inventory.
* Real Estate Purchase.
* Use funds for Working Capital.

Contact us right now and let us know your situation and what you need.

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Gold vs Stocks: Can they both be going up at the same time?!?

As the market is roaring higher, so is gold and silver. Now they should be diametrically opposed. They should not be going up at the same time.

The normal person feels that gold goes up for protection from inflation. But Bernanke and the FOMC have said there is none. In fact, in their last statement they stated it was so low, they need to create some. But wait a moment, let's look at Starbux's latest headline: Starbucks plans 'targeted' price increases.…

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What is a really good hedge against the falling U.S. economy?

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A 401K is becoming a tool for survival...and not the way you think....

If we toss together a…

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Combine 2 Tools Into 1 Great R.E. Tool

I took about a 90 minute walk Saturday morning here in Zion and while going down a street named Edina (all the old streets here in town are biblical names) I saw a house for sale and they had this website on the realtor's sign:

And I thought what a great way to help sell a house for the cost of about ten bucks (for the domain name) and then to blast it out using the stuff…

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Purchasing MLM Leads and Business Leads

A good lead source provider of business leads and MLM leads obtains their email leads each month through their own online and offline network of advertising, by using co-registration, postcards, banner ads, solo ads, pay-per-click, 1-800 lines, etc...

Each and everyone of their (100%) Opt In Leads should have data that includes (at minimum) first and last name, email address, IP and date/time stamp and are generally considered good for large scale emailing via…

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Build value

If someone tries to destroy you, use the energy from the anger you feel to create something great so that this ‘something’ indirectly removes their source of pleasure. (Re-read that until it sinks in) For instance: If someone tries to destroy you by spreading lies about you then create something great that proves them wrong to all the people who they lied to.

This is reacting positively and your self esteem always rises when you react positively… which makes you…

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Only react positively to every situation

To achieve success in business, you must never react negatively to any situation. Instead, you should always see the silver lining or learn the valuable lesson. If you do not see the silver lining then you will always feel like a victim of life. You will not actually BE a victim but you will still feel it. If you do not learn valuable lessons from a situation then you will never be able to deal with life properly and everything will feel ‘awful’. It will not actually BE awful but you will…

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Money is not made by competing with others.

It is only shared out. And only the most competitive survive in that arena.

Only compete with yourself

To achieve success in business, you must ignore your natural desire to compete with other people. Instead, you should only compete with yourself. Here’s why…

All the trouble in the world today is brought about by people competing with each other. All the trouble in the economy today is brought about by people competing with each other. The plain and simple… Continue

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Only act with reason

To achieve success in business, you must not act on faith or guess or take blind and stupid risks. Instead, look for reasons to act based on factual information you receive. But even this should not be taken ‘as is’ and just blindly followed.

All information received by you should be thoroughly checked out. A minimum of 2 external and independent clues must be found before you can take confident action. These ‘clues’ must be from… Continue

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Tiger Wood's and People In Debt Are Reaching A Tipping Point

If you like watching a good old-fashioned American train wreck, Tiger's story is one for the ages. It's a train wreck in fast motion, but for many Americans who are drowning in debt, their story is one that is reaching epic proportions just as Tiger Wood's is, but theirs have developed over many months and years.

The Tiger Woods story is rapidly approaching a tipping point, and as the Christmas holiday approaches, millions of Americans are realizing they too, have a monkey on their… Continue

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Special Webinar this evening shows how to make $1600+ per referral to us..

Good Evening,

This message is to remind you that the following Webinar will take

place tonight, Jan 3, 2010 9:00 PM - 10:00 PM EST. That's

8pm Central and 6pm out on the West coast.

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Bank Ordered To Forgive Loan After Owner Gets Loan Mod...

A Long Island couple is home free after an outraged judge gave them
an amazing Thanksgiving present -- canceling their debt to ruthless
bankers trying to toss them out on the street.

Read the rest at

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One secret to becoming financially independent in the shortest period of time.

Have you ever thought what it would be like if you didn’t have to go into a regular job?

Now, that does not mean you wouldn’t go to work anymore. What I mean is working for

yourself, being self-employed.

Yes, it would be different. For starters, the more you work, the more you’ll benefit your-

self, not some company. Normally, when you are the employee, any extra efforts on your

part benefit the company and not you. That is a VERY important difference when it… Continue

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No Title Seasoning Required Now...!!!

We Fund The A-B of Short Sales/REOs and Have 2 Lenders In Place For Your End Buyers With No Title Seasoning



Just Tap The Image Now

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I just downloaded the now FREE Internet Success Spider...

...and I think it will be a big help to any real estate investor or entrepreneur.


PS: You can get it at

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theTRAFFICplan - A Free, Safe & Viral List Building and Internet Marketing Training System For Real Estate

theTRAFFICplan Free Web 3.0 Internet Marketing Training System and Community For ANYONE To Plug-In To The product that appeals to 150 billion people....

It's Larry here from aTRAFFICplan with a quick

lesson on how aTRAFFICplan is designed to generate results

for you in getting more traffic, building a list faster and

making more sales in your primary and other streams of income.

It's really about 4 key… Continue

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"Early Adopter Upside with 90% Downside Protection" Sale is now live with up to 6X bonuses


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