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Peter O'Kane

Peter O'Kane

Commercial Loan Acquisition, Servicing, & Due Diligence

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Bank Failures, and the Opportunities They Present

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Peter discusses the RTC of the 90's, Loss Share Agreements, the FDIC and how they handle failing banks and acquiring banks. Peter also discusses how his firm capitalizes on the opportunities to help investors find out where the opportunities exist.
Peter has over twenty years of experience in the banking and real estate industry, and has worked in all aspects of it, including; loan and property acquisitions, due diligence, asset management/loan servicing, capital markets/CMBS, as well as loan origination.

Prior to forming Roanoke, Peter was the National Sales Manager and SVP for Countrywide Commercial’s Advantage Loan Program. Before moving to Countrywide, Peter held positions in commercial origination and capital markets at Wamu.

Peter’s extensive experience in valuing, acquiring, and resolving discounted and distressed loans are a result of working for J.E. Robert Companies and Wilshire Financial during the resolution of the savings and loan crisis in the 1990’s. During this decade, Peter led due diligence and acquisition efforts for over 400 hundred loan and property portfolios. As Chief Investment Officer at Wilshire Financial, Peter made investments of over $4 billion of performing, sub-performing, and troubled loans, properties, and real estate securities.

Peter holds a BA from University of Washington.

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