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New to CREPIG or Need Help Getting Around? Become an active member

If you would like to know more about CREPIG's Mission go to ABOUT Tab or Click Here

When you join CREPIG, there's so much to do and see. Take some time to explore CREPIG and become an active member by adding content. You'll meet new people and contribute to CREPIG and your success.

They say that 80% of success is showing up. You have done that. Now do the additional 20% which is being active on this site. Add and promote your projects and services in the Forum, Start a Blog to share, help and inform the other members about things they may not know about.

Ad some pictures of your properties, staff, projects, etc…. Ad your video, Join a group and participate. We all want to know about your teleseminar or other event. Put it on the calendar.

Check out the guides below to add some basic types of content:


How do I promote my project, product or service?

Use the Forum, Goups or your own page to Find or Promote Funding, Products, Projects or Services.

Introduction to The Forum

Participate in CREPIG Network's forum

Follow a discussion

Follow a forum category

Subscribe to a discussion with RSS

Add images or rich text to a discussion post

View your discussions

Manage a discussion you started


How do I find or enter an event?

Have an event? Enter your event, webinar or teleseminar in the Events Section.

Introductions to Events

RSVP to an event

Create an event

Invite guests to an event

Update your event

Control the privacy settings of your event

Send a message to your event's guests

Adjust how events display on your Main page

Set the default event image

Control who can create events

Follow an event


How do I start a Blog?

At CREPIG the blog is used to share stories, ideas, opinions and anything of interest to the membership. Deals and Requests should be entered in the Forum Section.

Introduction to a Blog Post

Write a blog post

Add rich text, images, and videos to your blog post

Preview your blog post

Edit your blog post

Categorize your blog post

Manage comments on your blog post


How do I join or create a group?

Groups come in many flavors and some may be invitation only. If you see a group you like click on join. It is that simple. If you want to start a group that is not available you can do that too. All Groups on CREPIG must be approved by Admin.

Introduction to Groups

Join a group

Participate in your group

Create a group

Invite people to your group

Send a message to the members of your group

Manage your group

Manage the members of your group


How do I upload a photo, video or music?

At CREPIG we have made it possible for you to upload media, please try to keep it focused on CRE subjects. Personal video or pictures can be loaded to show on your personal page. Adult material is not welcome.

• Upload photos, videos, and music


How do I add comments to others pages?

First be respectful of the person you are writing to or commenting on. NO Spam Ads.

Introduction to Comments

Comment on a member's profile page

Comment on a photo, video, or blog post

Moderate comments on your content and profile page

Where do I find 24/7 CRE News Articles?

The news articles come from some of the most known CRE news services on the planet. It makes it very convenient to get all your news from all over the web at one site.

The news is located all over the front page. You have to scroll down to find most of it.

If you have additional questions, go to the Services Tab above and Choose Report Issues

Above all Have Fun and Prosper

CREPIG Admin Staff

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