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I talk a lot about inbound marketing which is all about offering valuable content so targeted leads come and find you via word of mouth, or search engines etc., but you do have to use all the tools in your tool chest and email is one of the most powerful outbound marketing you can do besides cold calling.

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Email managed correctly can deliver a low cost, return on investment marketing tool.

I have tried many of the various email vendors with varying results.

All the ones I have used were competent and got the job done. Some were easier to use than others and features varied slightly from one service to another.

The company I stuck with was Benchmark Email. To be honest, once you start with one of these companies it can be tough to move your contact lists and campaigns so the decision to stay was based more on not wanting to go through the hassle, but I am glad I did.

As I stated earlier I have had the chance to use some of the other mail programs and I can easily say that my decision to stay with Benchmark was a good one. They have all of the best of the best features and make them easy to use and I have found their tech and customer support to under promise and over deliver. I like that and think that most companies have forgotten how to serve it's clients with courtesy and respect.

Full disclosure: I have set up an affiliate agreement with Benchmark Email and you will find their ads on my sites and on this blogpost. I rarely do this and most of my posts are very arms length so that you can believe what I am saying when I give testimonial for various products or services.

In Benchmark's case I do believe in this company and will continue to use them and recommend them and I will gladly allow them to help sponsor my efforts.

Recently I called Benchmark to see about changing my programs so that I wasn't overspending on my mailing campaigns and got into a discussion with sales about the possibility of them doing an interview on the best use of email programs and marketing and to my surprise they jumped on it.

So here is my interview of Daniel Miller Benchmark's Sales Manager as he talks about email from A to Z and beyond. A great interview FULL of brilliant information. If you want to become a master at your marketing this is where you should start. - JW


In this interview we go over the following:

  • What is Opt In and Double Opt In permission based email? How does it work, how easy or hard is it to do? How can I add addresses to my email contact list without opt in?
  • How do you build an email client list, Inbound and Outbound Marketing.
  • How to build rapport with your client or prospect list.
  • What kind of things can I send with email
  • Drip Campaigns: What are they?, How can I use them to build rapport and make more sales.
  • Splash Screens, Sign Up Forms, Newsletters
  • Tracking clicks, conversions and other analytics
  • Mail Merging with emails
  • Video in emails
  • Contact list management, segmentation
  • Real Time Reporting
  • Social Media Integration to Your Blog, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and using API almost any other 3rd party platform you can find.
  • Surveys, Polls and Newsletter and other templates
  • Marketing Strategies
  • SPAM and all the issues involved.
  • Free or Extremely reduced fee structures for small business and non-profits.
  • How to keep your email from going to to the Junk Folder
  • Best Email Marketing Practices
  • Unlimited email accounts

and Much More.....

Daniel Miller

Daniel Miller is the Sales Director of Benchmark Email, a global, award -winning email marketing service for small and mid-sized businesses.

Born and raised in Las Vegas, Miller later moved to Malaga, Spain, where he started a successful computer consulting company. By hitting the phones and generating solid word of mouth, he built up a portfolio of 150 top-notch clients who relied on his considerable expertise on a regular basis.

Miller then moved to Los Alamitos, California, where he started working as a sales rep for Benchmark Email. After completely immersing himself in the email marketing world, he took the position of Sales Director for the company.

Miller now uses his experience to run highly popular webinars, teaching small businesses everything from how to build email lists to improving newsletter delivery.

Through Benchmark, Miller has developed strong ties with business leaders across the world, and he remains a visible, enthusiastic advocate for good email marketing practices.


A seasoned expert with Benchmark’s email editor, you can join him every weekday at 1 PM PDT for Benchmark Email’s Live Webinars.


Benchmark Email

Benchmark Email is a permission-based email marketing company that puts user deliverability and reputation at the forefront. An email service provider committed to bringing users the most up-to-date marketing trends and methods, Benchmark provides award-winning software and cutting edge features to both small businesses and corporations alike.

With over 73,000 current users, Benchmark has seen its client list expand and its partner affiliations grow. Benchmark Email has ambitiously set its sights on streamlining the email marketing process and engaging users with direct and desired interaction, branching out into all major social media channels.

  • Send Email Newsletters - Create and send professional email newsletters.
  • HTML Email Templates - Over 400 customizable templates make it easy to create professional quality emails.
  • RSS to Email - Create emails from your blog posts with our RSS-to-Email feature.
  • Signup Forms - Grow your contact list quickly with great looking signup forms.
  • List Segmentation - Target subscribers based on actions and psychographics with a single click.
  • Email Deliverability - Optimal delivery levels and great reputation means more successful campaigns.
  • Contact List Management - Import, organize and send to contact lists and segments.
  • Real-Time Reports - Track and analyze the performance of email campaigns with easy-to-follow metrics.
  • Social Media Integration - Engage users with social sharing buttons and integrated media channels.
  • Autoresponders - Schedule and send sequences of automatically delivered emails.
  • Survey & Polls - Gather data with custom polls and surveys.


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