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How to Use Social Media, Networking and Marketing for Real Estate

How to Use Social Media, Networking and Marketing for Real Estate


Stephen Christie 20 year real estate veteran in Southern California, talks to us about how he uses Social Media, Marketing and Networking to increase is customer list, confidence, knowledge and more.

I continually look around the web for real estate businesses that fully utilize the Internet and web to grow their businesses.

Social Media is here to stay and will only become a larger part of the process going forward. If you are not on board early you may be hurting yourself as there is a learning curve.

Stephen Christie is one of those people that impressed me. You will hear why in this interview.

Stephen is a residential agent, but do not for a second, believe that this is not relevant to the commercial markets. - JW Najarian

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Stephen Christie

A Pepperdine University Finance and Management graduate, Stephen Christie brings over 20 years of experience, expertise, and success in the real estate industry. In 2001, Stephen was touted as the Top 4 Realtor in the nation with more than 200 transactions a year.

He then successfully launched three real estate companies and an escrow company in 2002. While these new business ventures provided a new threshold, Stephen missed his greatest passion, which is connecting with clients, selling real estate, and more importantly, giving back to the community.

He was eager to get back into the "hands on" side of the real estate business. In 2006, Stephen sold his real estate and escrow companies; he went back to re-engage into his real estate sales practice, and put together systems and a team that would be head and shoulders above the competition.

Stephen has also coached and trained some of the best agents in the business, as well as shared his expertise in real estate to aid in the development of a technology system driven for realtor success. In order to stay on top of the market and success strategies in the real estate industry, Stephen attends and is asked to talk at many top real estate venues throughout the nation, speaking about systems, skills, and technology.

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Social Media, Marketing and Networking for Commercial Real Estate

Many commercial professionals question the use of the web for business purposes.

  • In today's competitive market it more important than ever for commercial real estate companies to use these tools to build brand equity, or to find, form and foster client and referring broker relationships.
  • Larger CRE companies realize this and are working hard to incorporate the web into their branding, marketing and community building projects.
  • It seems to be more questionable whether or not the smaller CRE broker can utilize and have success and see a ROI using the web and social media.
  • First off ROI is not just about making a deal. ROI also can be measured in new clients and resources you are able to find and utilize. If it is used to enhance customer service then you might want to measure complaints or thank yous you receive.
  • Anotherwords, property promotion is just one of the many ways and not necessarily the best way for a CRE broker to utilize the web.
  • If you are a CRE broker in a very localized market, you can use social media to build community within that market. Offer local news for property owners and business, the amounts of good will you will foster will be astounding.
  • The web is very powerful and has been used to organize campaigns that have stopped development projects and to develop public trust for successful development projects.
  • The web used correctly and systematically is proven to have the best marketing results for the least price.
  • Many believe that the web will consume too much time for what it pays out. This is just not true. If you let the tail wag the dog and chat all day on Facebook then you would be right, but many successful brokers spend less than 1/2 a day a week answering and putting out relevant content. If you don't learn to leverage this media to your advantage you will fail to maximize your marketing potential.
  • Social media won't work for the CRE industry. CRE is no different than any other business, to think this is true is naive at best.

Using social media will give you great benefits for both yourself, your resources and your clients. - JW

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