We will Dispose of your REO properties at Full Retail Price. US only.

WE will Dispose of your REO properties and get you full retail pricing for them. USA only. forward your contact info and REO property details to Mr. Andy Robertson,

Email: andy@nrcauctionadvisors.com

We are a nationwide auction firm that has successfully completed over 10,000 auctions and sold almost $2 billion of real estate assets. ULTIMATELY, we sell the property at the highest achievable value in the shortest amount of time. 92% success rate, 50 Day Sale Cycle, Highest Value in the Shortest Time Period.


We provide REO Auctions, Foreclosure Auctions, Luxury REO Auctions, Non-performing Loan Auctions, Competitive bidding environment, Intense diversified marketing campaign for each asset drives buyers to auction platform.


We provide extensive marketing through Wall street journal and many other print media, Have a database of over 60,000 qualified buyers for commercial property that is updated every 2 months with every person in the USA that has bought a commercial property in the usa.



  • Property Evaluation and Positioning
  • Implementing an accelerated marketing plan.
  • Creating the highest quality marketing materials.
  • Preparing Auction sales contracts and Troubleshooting Title and Other legal issues.
  • Promotion of property to wide geographic and demographic buyer base.
  •  Conducting inspections facilitating regular bidder contact.
  • Structuring the appropriate auction style to maximize bid amounts.
  • Creating an exciting, ethical and successful Auction experience.
  • Post Auction follow up ensuring a smooth and timely executor period.
  • Regular reporting to seller.
  • GETTING THE PROPERTY SOLD, AT the highest achievable price through a quick, efficient and certain process.

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