We are seeking commercial property to purchase. We are looking for distressed property, such as Apartment building (75 to 300....units), Self Storage Units, Mobile Home/RV Parks, Senior Citizen Facilities, Prime Commercial Land in Tier 1 cities.

If you are a principal or broker with same, we would like to hear from you. We can send to you our criteria for the purchase of same upon your request. We are the principal buyer. Thank You


Dennis Smith
Specialty Investments International
(253) 833-5797

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Hi Dennis,

I am also looking for distressed properties for several high end investors, Bank REO's, apartments, etc. Sometimes I come across a type of property that they do not have an interest, you may have an interest. Let's talk. Give me a call at (518) 432-3353.


Hello Chris

I was unable to reach you by phone.

I am direct to a seller rep who can source REO inventory for your buyers.

Could you email me at normansutton1269@gmail.com

Hello Sir,
Thank You for your offer, however, your procedures are not acceptable.




Would you be interested in investing in Israel?, there are some basic rules recently approved the establishment of homes for rent, I have an excellent yield method.

Regulation states that the entrepreneur will rent the apartments for 25 years and then you can sell.

In Israel there is desperate lack of apartments for young couples, and I thought about method with a large profit.

I wish to inform you about my experience in managing real estate and business transactions in addition to being real estate broker.



I'd love to get feedback


Hello Izi,
 Thank You for your offer, however, at this time, we are only investing here in the USA. However in time we may have need to purchase property in Israel. Please send us your contact information via our address, Realty1949@aol.com. for our records. Thank You

Dennis Smith
(253) 833-5797
I have a 528 unit apartment complex portfolio in Tampa, FL for sale at $26.4M, available separate, 140, 176, & 212 units.

We also have 2 self storage facilities for sale in Louisiana with Caps at 9%. Must be actual buyer or direct to buyer, no daisy chains please.

Eli Chambers
Hello Mr. Chambers,
Sir, please send us your email address and number to us at Realty1949@aol.com. along with a little information on the properties. Is there a realty package to view?  Is this portfilio of notes or property for sale? If so, Performing or Non Performing? Thank You

Dennis Smith

Hello Eli

Could you please email me at normansutton1269@gmail.com so that we can discuss (I am direct to buyers looking for these assets)


Dennis, we have a waterfront resort/hotel off market, 162 acres with golf course in Clearwater, value at 40M, selling for 15M, need to be close very soon is the only downsize, please let me know if interested


Anyone has direct, off market deals for mulifamily in CA, AZ,TX,NV with 9%+ up to 50M, we have high demand for this collateral. Also open for broken projects under 15M as well. Please contact me if you are the seller and or DIRECT to seller only.


Thank you

Hello Dominique,
Thank You for contacting us with your offer. Are you a realtor or investor?

Please email me at Realty1949@aol.com with more information on the asset. We may have interest. Is it a Flaggship Hotel? Are you selling the note or as an actual property? Where is Clearwater? If we are interested we will move fast after due diligence. So, please send us a realty package or tape of the asset.

Dennis Smith
(253) 833-5797

Dennis, sent you email to your realty1949@aol.com, pls check


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