My partner and I have deals in CA, NV, TX, TN, FL, among others ranging from hotels/motels, shopping centers, multi-fam, apartment buildings, performing and non-performing notes, sfr, bulk portfolios of SFR, among others. If you are interested, sign my NCND and send it back to me and I will send over the details.

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Ms.Richard In reference to your Crepig listing,I have access to a direct Buyer of SFH Portfolio's in particular the Sunbelt,if the Portfolio is still available or  you have additional SFH's please reply ASAP.


                                                                                           Charles Jones

Hi Charles,

That portfolio is no longer available, however we do have several multi fam units available all over in fl, ca, tx, among other states.


Do you come across commercial properties that fit the follow criteria?


  • PRICE: generally we seek property in the $2M to $20M price range (at 30-50% below market value.
  • TERMS: We are especially interested in properties that offer generous seller financing (35%+)  and Joint Venture opportunities.

  • Low asking price: Price per unit (apartments) or per square foot (all 


  • Run down property: Ugly cosmetic fixers
  • Large vacancies (25% or more) IF they can be filled
  • Low rents IF they can be raised to market
  • High cap rate (10%-12% or more) 
  • Additional land (to sell off or build on)
  • Distressed/motivated sellers: MUST sell due to financial, health, etc.
  • Property in foreclosure or pending bankruptcy
  • Feuding partners
  • Low debt or free & clear properties

If so please let me know

Hi Rochelle,


We do have properties meeting some of your requirements but not all, majority of our properties are in the A-B categories, some C's, 30-50% below FMV, the asking price varies on each deal and areas, along with some value added properties.


When you do have a moment if you can do your search based on the criteria listed above and send me the outcome we can take it from there


Hi Rochelle,

see attachment for details...I will also list a few others here:

Orlando  Condo's





 $   15,000,000.00


 $         65,789.47




 $       152,781.09


 $    1,833,373.08



 $      139,824.15


 $   1,677,889.80


Hi Tyeisha

My name is Frank Lawson I own L&L Enterprises Inc a real estate investment firm based out of the MD/DC/VA area.  We would like see what you have in your inventory. We are making preparations for our 2014 acquisitions agenda.  Our email is l.and.lenterprieseinc@gmail.com

Our focus is on commercial, mixed-use and Hotels.  We also have partners that we do flip properties too as well.

Looking forward to working with you

Frank Lawson

Hi Frank,

It's a pleasure to meet you...let me get your acquisition requirements, the areas/cities/states of interest, price range/budget if applicable and I will work on sending you some properties we have available.


I just want to give you a heads up on the requirements because a large bulk of our deals come from brokers a LOI and POF/company bio will be requested to get full disclosure of properties.

If this is ok, let me know

Hi Tyeisha,

My name is Rafiu and my partner and I have cash buyers seeking for GOOD discounted  BULK SFH in CA and Multi units in GA.

Another buyer is interested in  BULK vacant FL and CA.

Hi Rafiu,

I'm currently in the works on a few contacts I'm trying to pull together, if u can let me know what ur buyers are specifically looking I will let u know the moment I come across them.

Hi tyeisha, I know your post is outdated, however if you can locate hotels in Los Angeles, we'll sign your ncnd.



Hi Daryl,

I will let u know are u the buyer? Can u let me know what kind of hotels u are interested in, price range, and any pertinent information that will allow me o help u successfully


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