We have a grandfathered water source in New Hampshire. Our wells were installed in 1988 and 1996.( See Below from NH DES Website Regarding Large GroundWater Withdrawal Permits.) We We have a 3rd well installed in 2003. Combined, these wells produce 288,000 gallons of water per day.  We are interested in multiple senerios including, but not limited to, out right sale, financing of installation of filteration system and water bottling facility, development of the entire site to include 150 lot mobil home park, 25,000 sq. ft of retail, car wash and water facility.


The entire site is 46 acres on a major route.


Large Groundwater Withdrawal Permitting Program

Large Groundwater Withdrawal Permit

Purpose   To ensure that no unmitigated adverse impacts to water users or water-dependant natural resources occur as a result of a new large groundwater withdrawal established after July 1998. Adverse impacts are defined in RSA 485-C:21, V-c.

Applicability   A large groundwater withdrawal permit is required for any withdrawal from groundwater of 57,600 gallons or more of water in any 24-hour period from a well or wells installed after July 1998 at a single property or place of business. Large groundwater withdrawals from new wells that replace a well or wells installed prior to August 1998 do not require a large groundwater withdrawal permit but do require approval from the Large Groundwater Withdrawal Permitting Program.



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