6 Buildings with a total of 230,000 sq. ft of warehouse. Note for sale. Direct to bank.

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Please send OM to zeishs@gmail.com

We are interested

Are you a buyer or broker?
Send me the details of the note so I can make a offer



I am interested in your note for sale.  Can you email me a summary of it with some more details?




Are you a buyer or broker?
Both, I would be a broker on this one.  Can you send me your summary please?

I never got your summary, have you sold the note?  If not, please email it to me at scott6x6@aol.com.



Where are the buildings located?  If you have other info, I have buyers looking for notes - performing/NPNs.  They will usually want proof of ownership; send your protocol and information.  hazel@ezproperties.ca  Thanks


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