Wanted: Multi Family, Senior living, Storage facilities


  We are actively looking for our next investment Nationwide. Please take a moment to view our acquisition criteria and reach out to us if a matching property becomes available.  We do not bring a broker into the deal so we are open to any project you can bring our way.  We value Brokers that bring us projects and are vested in taking care of them. We feel the same about dealing with sellers direct, wholesalers and agents.




Our firm seeks Value- Add opportunities with significant upside potential and great terms like seller financing, assumable non recourse loans, master lease option (when appropriate) and joint venture.



We do feel the broker should be paid now as opposed to in the future and possibly again if/when we resell


We have the experience and expertise to acquire underperforming real estate and invest the necessary capital and human resources to bring the property to its fullest potential.


Our price range is up to  20M


We specialize in Multi-Family, Storage Units and Senior facilities

Land we look for Agricultural or un-entitled/un-platted land that can be re-zoned for commercial or mixed-use.


Our business plan is to build lifelong relationships with likeminded people and do business together.

The Golden Rule:  Take care of others

For the Seller:  We come in and solve a problem

For the Broker:  You become a part of our team and we want everyone to win

For the Buyer:  We believe a good deal has cash back at closing, has terms that leverage our capital,

Has and upside and can pass a stress test so that we can invest into the future.

Please contact Gold Rule Invest at








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4.9 MIL

Powder Forest Assisted Living
Simsbury, Connecticut
Approved 186 unit assisted living site on 15 acres with all utilities including gas. Independent, Assisted & Memory Care.


"Early Adopter Upside with 90% Downside Protection" Sale is now live with up to 6X bonuses


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