Wanted: Multi-Family, Mixed commercial $20 million + appraised value REO's / Wholesale etc.

Please send me your deals.  I have an investor group interested in various US markets with above appraised values.  Please note that value-add opportunities should be built into the deals.


I look forward to hearing back from you.


Alex Musulin

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What Areas Of Interest?
Hi Daryl,

To narrow things down somewhat, we're looking for properties that don't just offer verifiable cash flow. The deal should allow for a great acquisition cost relative to revenue and expenses, as well as have other value that we can extract such as artificially low rents, poor management resulting in high vacancy and relative expenses, a B building in an A area that could be re-positioned etc. Larger cities are a focus in markets where vacancy has been reducing over the past 6-12 months and where expected increases in population are prevalent for various reasons.

I hope this explains things somewhat more. In fact, my investor group is also looking for businesses that are for sale, if you have access to good deals also. Please understand that I have to have actual financial data, no Pro Forma, unless the Pro Forma is used as a supplement to actuals.  You can also contact me by email at: info@almavesta.com.

Please let me know if you have any other questions in the meantime.

Warm regards,


Hi Alex my name sylvia taylor I work for investors locating properties can Isend you want I have can you call me at 614-878-5425or email me @colsylvia954@aol.com


Thank you




I have MF and mixed commercial that will meet your criteria in various states


Please email me your buyer's criteria at normansutton1269@gmail.com

Hello Alex Musulin

I believe I can help you, I'm working with buyers & sellers an I have a few direct sellers that may have what your looking for. Can you forward me your contact information and buyers criteria.

P.S can you please put ( Wanted: Multi-Family, Mixed commercial $20 million + appraised value REO's / Wholesale etc.) in the subject line . Thank you I look forward to talking to you.



forgot my email address foreclosureproof@gmail.com  


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