We are actively looking to purchase private or semi-private golf courses.  Any size and location will considered.  Property needs to have a postive NOI and some upside.  We are golf course operators, not land developers - please keep that in mind when presenting deals...  Daily fee courses will only be considered if they have positive NOI and we can review current and past years financials.  thanks.

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Hello Jim,

We have a private 18 hole golf course located in one of Northern California finest communities. If interested please e-mail me at George.M.Lara@gmail.com



Hi Jim, in Italy also?

please reply on Luisa_Cabrini@hotmail.com

thanks and regards

Not ready for a European deal just yet.  We will look in Mexico because we have prior experience there...



I have a 18 hole NPN sub pefrorming loan with an unpaid principal balance (UPB) of $2,382,056 which has increased to $2,413,909 when default interest and late fees are included.  I have the full marketing package all that is needed is signing  a NCND and I will forward you the package.  Give me a call at (610) 506-4977 or e-mail to d_mconstruction@yahoo.com 




Kevin Daniel

Mr. Hearn,

I have two golf courses you may be interested in looking at that we very recently obtained.  Forward me your direct contact info and I can send you the information.


Thank you,





Read this article today and made me think of you.  http://www.bizjournals.com/atlanta/news/2011/02/08/reynolds-plantat...   Sent the guys at Reynolds Plantation and got this response(You may already know about this sale:


Thanks for the note.
I am handling the sale of the club amenities transaction for Reynolds
Plantation. The current offer that is on the table is for us to sell the
club to our members. The vote of that transaction is scheduled to take
place on April 29th. If you have an interested buyer, I'd be happy to
talk with them. My phone number is 706-467-1141. Thanks, Mike

Mike Kelly
Executive VP
Reynolds Plantation
100 Linger Longer Road
Greensboro, GA 30642

Name: Ross Holland
Address: 4400 W Airport Blvd #705
City/State/Zip: Houston, TX 77045
Country: United States
Day Phone: 866-710-0702
Evening Phone:
Email: ross@buyersdodeals.com

Where did you hear about Reynolds Plantation?:

I am interested in the following information:

Please send me information about real estate opportunities at Reynolds

Would you like to receive periodic updates about Reynolds Plantation?:


Wondered who is handling sale of your golf courses? Have an interested
buyer if the golf courses are not sold yet.



I have a golf course attached to a hotel.  Would that be of interest?  It is a prime course and location along with a premium hotel.



Lynne - sure, we would take a look.  Generally, we are only golf operators but we do manage a hotel now so I guess that means we should have a look at this property to understand the story.  Email me a package or description or just call 713-974-2930  thanks.

Hello Jim


I am direct to an REO golf course in Santa Barbara, CA


Please email me at normansutton1269@gmail.com and I can send you info....




Norman Sutton


Here is a lead on a 9 hole course for sale in Oregon.









What is your email? I represent a Golf resort on 33 acres of Ocean front in the central coast. It has a Hotel, but we could lease it back if nessessary. I will email you backup when I recieve your email address.

Mike Strand

Capital Newport



"Early Adopter Upside with 90% Downside Protection" Sale is now live with up to 6X bonuses


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