Wanted Direct Sellers/Mandates of MTN’s and BG’s!

We have large groups of buyer’s who are ready, willing and able to take down product.
They will proof up, follow procedures and close immediately. No daisy chains, no politics, no headaches.
Our buyer’s are looking and waiting to solicit you
Join our FREE network and allow us to refer our genuine buyer’s that are asking to be referred to companies like yours, directly to you - per their request!
Please send a contact number & email.

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We might be able to help each other. My contact information is dsmith@fscap.net. My direct phone number is 941-587-5044. Please visit our website at www.fscap.net.

I look forward to hearing from you. Please send me your details purchasing requirements that your buyers have.

Daniel Smith
Term: 10 yrs
Coupon: 6%
Price: Up to 85 +1
Contract Size: Up to 50B
POF: Must be able to verify desk to desk. Has a trading desk at large clearing firm based in Chicago
Payment: Must be able to pay in direct desk to desk fashion with DTC preferred

Remaining procedures pretty standard.

Please email me directly if you have or know of something that fits the bill.

I have seller of mtns and bgs for information email eel501@aol.com 

Dear Alina:

Looking for buyers/investors for a condotel in DR, Named 2009 Best Lifestyle Development Of The Year –Caribbean World Magazine.

Let me know "maxmin17@yahoo.co.uk", if you are interested.

Best - Amer

Please send details of your Network for MTN and BG Sellers to.

Charles Jones




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