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I am a mandate agent for a cement factory in Spain. My company Zizika Trading Cc is based in Namibia. I have recently closed two cement deals with the factory whereby I was awarded commissions of €100 000.00 and $144 0000 respectively. My commission was deposited on my behalf with an insurance company in Spain namely Seguro S.L by the factory.

However, the Spanish government has recently introduced tax charges on investments by local and foreign nationals. In order to receive my commission from Spain, I am required to pay 21% tax, bank charges as well € 1050.00 as maintenance fee.

The total amount payable as tax, bank charges and maintenance is € 58000.00

It is with regard to the above that I am seeking a loan for an amount of €58000.00 from your esteemed company. The loan is to be paid directly to the Notary in Spain and upon the release of the funds (commission) the borrowed money plus interest will be refunded immediately to you.

I am ready to go into a mutual agreement with your company should you find my request beneficial.

I have attached the contract and document showing that the commission has been deposited with Seguro S.L.

Should you require more information in this regard, please don’t hesitate to contact me via my Mobile (+264 81 302 62 47) or email.

I look forward to hearing from you.


John Benjamin 


I would like to purchase a small packages of REO Portfolios. what is the requirement for a your loan.

Sophia Wilson


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