Hello, My name is Zelimir Stakic and I am the director of R & F Company located in Vietnam. We have a 18.5Ha or about 45 Acres of land on the South China Sea, with over 1/2 mile( 850M) of white sandy beaches with crystal clear and warm water. We have all license ready for development of an eco -tourist resort. We have two ways to develop the resort listed below, As a Very High end resort with villas selling for 1.5 million or to have a resort and casino. I thought you might have people who might be interested in a Joint Venture or just as an investor with great return on capital. Take a look below and let me know if you think you might be able to put the right investor with us to develop this great site for a resort. We will pay you a good referral fee for your efforts or maybe you might be the right investor. you never now which way the investment comes to life. We are looking for seed money and construction funds, see executive summary for the seed money needed. The construction funds need to develop you can refer to the income/expense documents

Two ways to develop the site:

1) We have GHM as our management group--They are part of the Aman Group and only deal with High End Resorts where investors can buy units and lease them out with GHM or keep them for there personal use. The resort will also have some hotel resort type of villa's which is part of the resort but not sold only rented for a profit of the resort partners/owners. The Villas which are sold off in pre-construction will be used to pay off investor capital used for development and interest as well. Depending on final terms will show how everything will be paid back with interest on capital. 15-25% return + possible ownership to collect residual income. See attached info sheet on development cost and income and expenses.

2) We develop the resort as a Resort and Gaming Casino because we do have in writing that we are allowed to have a gaming casino license, where the whole resort is rented and used for profit for the investor/owners.
See attached info sheet for construction cost and income and expenses.

We do have concessions from government:

1) 4 year starts after opening of resort--NO INCOME TAX

2) next 4 year of income, 5th-8th year we only pay 50% of Income Tax

3) 11 years of no lease fee's on land

4) Provincial Government will help in obtaining a gaming casino license-- their only restriction is you must be 3 star of better resort statues and open for business to apply for license.

5) Infrastructure to resort-- electric-road-phone

6) 49 year lease on land with additional 49 years there after.

Those are two way to develop the resort but if the investor has another idea which fist with the agreement which we have with the government, we will consider as well.

If you have any question please use my email zelrealty@aol.com or my cell phone to get a hold of me directly. 773-818-4550

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