We help individuals and corporations to determine and achieve their financial and fund raising goals through a comprehensive financial management process.
We are financing private viable Projects up to the tune of 1Billion Dollars ($1 Billion USD) on Roll & Extension R&E.
at an interest rate of 2.5%, 3% 4.7%
We are most interested in viable projects such as:
-Construction and commercial real estate development
-Equipment finance (including aircrafts and ships)
-Financial markets and banking projects
-Independent power projects
-Industrial and manufacturing projects
-Information technology companies
-liquefied natural gas project
-Oil and gas facilities
-Sports and entertainment facilities
-Petrochemical projects
-Power transmission and distribution projects
-Renewable energy projects
-Telecommunications projects
-Transportation infrastructure (including port facilities, railways, airports and toll roads)
-Water treatment and desalination projects
Reijo Heikkilä
Accredited Mandate

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Can you provide more info about your projects funding/investment financing I have retail commercial real estate properties that I want to buy

David Hickles

email codeof3@yahoo.com


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