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Just returned from US Real Estate Opportunity & Private Fund Investing Forum. Best line was "we're still in batting practice"!

Good news is that I picked up 2 funds to work with both with $100M to place this year. Retail & Multi Family respectively. Will look at debt & bricks.

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Can I please have your contact info
We are looking for well connected and important people like you to connect with

Thank you
Pete Gurdal
I have a apartment complex that we are buying to rehab,we have the end buyer in place.We are looking for short term funding.We are purchasing at 2.4 mil and retailing at 3.5 mil the arv is 4.4 mil.
If this in any way interests you please contact me at (915)875-7855
Thank you
Hello My Name is Lauri Bembaron, Exec. Vice-President and CFO of Elite Acquisition Group, Inc. located in Carlsbad, Calif.
As Commercial Financial Intermediaries & Consultants E.A.G. connects High-Net worth Individuals & Hedge Funds with Sound Commercial Investments. As a result of the current recession we have been successful in establishing working relationships with several High Net-Worth Individuals around the world.

We possess a unique blend of skills and experience, coupled with our unwavering Integrity has allowed our Firm to become a Clearing House for Excellent Make Sense Commercial Investment Opportunities from Alternative Energy to Movie Productions in Hollywood.

We are currently involved in a variety of projects ranging from 2 Mil to 54 Mil. Below are current projects that are set to fund through our firm within the next 90 days:

• In Docs: $54 Million Construction Loan… High-Rise (Income Producing)
Apartment Building in Major California City. Funding in 25 Days.
• Conditionally Approved: $25 Million Building Acquisition and Development
Athletic Facility – Former NFL Player
• Conditionally Approved: $14 Million Construction/Acquisition Loan
Retail Mixed Entertainment Project
• Conditionally Approved: $23 Million Construction Loan
Medical Office Complex
• Conditionally Approved: $56 Million Acquisition/Development Digital Movie &
Television Studio Complex

We would like an opportunity to become associated with your group creating a synergistic relationship where we can enrich as well as benefit from our association. In our effort to Provide World Class Service in an Ever Changing World we seek likeminded Groups like yours to become affiliated with.
We look forward to hearing form you,
Hi Lauri,

Thanks for your post and information! Welcome the opportunity to discuss networking with you and your firm in more detail!

My contact info:


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