UPB $2.45M 33NPN Florida - Buy for $500,000, finance for 50% down, All Deeds In Hand Not a Broker Deal!

Some great properties for sale in the Tampa Bay Area & a steeply discounted Non Performing Note Package.


Discounted Non Performing Notes:
33 NPN UPB - $2,454,366.57
Buy for $500,000( will also finance for you for 50% down)  To request an un-sanitize tape verifiable POF needed.

Tampa Bay Properties for Sale:

Property Address Property City Property Zip Sale Price
2816 N 12th Street Tampa 33605 $42,500.00
3001 N 75th Street Tampa 33619 $16,500.00
8308 N MULBERRY ST Tampa33604 $17,000.00
8513 N 10TH ST Tampa 33604 $17,000.00
629 W 7TH STLakeland 33805 $8,000.00
10008 Lola St Tampa 33612 $72,500.00
All deeds and mortgage notes are in hand, this is not a broker deal and direct to owner of properties.
Can also provide funding for local Tampa properties, you must have some "skin in the game" and bring money to the closing table.


Contact at:


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This could be a really good deal, but I need to see more. Send me additional details. When you see who my buyer in this deal is going to be, you will find that the POF is not necessary. email me at jbalter@lonestarprivatecapital.com.



Thanks for your message, deals starting out with saying POF won't be necessary almost never happen. That said have sent you an email with contact info, getting actual on buyer on the phone asap will increase your chances of you getting what you want, ie. more details on the tape, work to get actual buyer and seller talking asap, good luck,




Send me additional details please .



"Early Adopter Upside with 90% Downside Protection" Sale is now live with up to 6X bonuses


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