Unusual Commercial Loans Connected. A free way to get connected to funding sources

With so many people getting out of the lending business. Agents,mortgage brokers, investors and building owners are having to look for new options.

Combine this with a record number of bank turn downs and you have yourself a very frustrating situation.

We work with sources other than conventional lenders allowing us to deliver when others are frozen up due to

the current credit situation. Our service is free to you. We get paid by our funding sources at closing adding nothing to the deal.

We have multiple sources for all the following loan types.

Conventional A paper including SBA lenders

A paper loans for properties not popular with conventional banks. MHP,marinas hotels, retail centers and more.

Multiple hard money lenders and bridge lenders

The reason we have multiple sources is to save time. Some lenders will only do certain things even though both do hard money for example.

Or a particular MHP lender will only go up to a certain amount. Most of the time is wasted on trying to find a funding source. That is all we do, is work on keeping a fresh list of sources.

Purchase, refinance or bridge lending we can help you.

We have a large network of lenders do not waste time calling around we have done that for you


Unusual Commercial Loans Connected

One form multiple sources



Mortgage brokers welcomed.

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