The Fastest Way to Increase the Return on Your Investements

If you are an investor, especially and investor in real estate, then more than likely you have taken on debt in order to expand your portfolio of properties. The old adage of using "other people's money" can still hold true and provide opportunity for leveraging your potential returns IF you don't leverage yourself beyond what your revenue can support. Millions of people who were heavily invested in real estate in 2007 and 2008 learned this lesson the hard way. 

In today's investment world, it is much more difficult to generate a decent return on your investments when there are so many factors working against you. However, if you  have one or more mortgages and/or other significant debt, there is an excellent way for you  to dramatically increase the return on your investment of funds without incurring more debt or making any significant changes to your lifestyle. The bottom line is this. The faster you can pay down your debt, then the greater the margins on your revenue vs costs of doing business and the faster your true wealth building efforts will materialize.

While a low interest rate on a long term loan may look deceptively painless, the reality is that when compounded over 15, 20 or 30 years and front loaded on the overall interest payments, the true cost of that loan sucks the life out of your long term wealth building especially when combined with inflation (the  devaluation of each dollar and a progressive income tax system. Remember one of the first fundamentals of the "time value of money". That is that a dollar today is much better than a dollar tomorrow or ten years from now.

If you want to lean how to optimize all of these factors for yourself personally or for your business, please check-out this website, watch all of the 3 short videos and then ask for your FREE analysis. Our average client pays off a 30 year mortgage in about 12 years, saves around $120,000 in interest payments and pays-off commercial debt in about 1/8 the time.

Alternatively, feel free to contact me if you'd like to discuss further.

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