Start up capital equity or mirco lender 15%-25% ROI

Start up capital equity or micro lender. NO brokers or hard money lenders please Principle only
I am looking for an equity investor will offer (25% ROI) on first project or an micro loan investor. I need $109,000 for start up expenses for my company to begin.....

Start Up Expenses

This is the largest part and too the best of my knowledge the most accrete list of expenses. Broken down in and arranged order of necessity in the companies operations. That would include Attorney fees, Marketing, Accounting, Properties management companies and Insurances totaling $109,000.00 in start up expenses.

Attorney’s real estate lawyers and Securities and Exchange Commotion (SEC) lawyers. Real estate attorney draw up all the legal documents contracts and also assist in the closing process of real estate by setting agreeable terms for parties involved. The reason being every state have different laws that I and my company MUST abide by to avoid any if not all lawsuits and to protect all parties involved.

The SEC has strict rules in approaching people for funding. The SEC is a federal agency which regulates the sale and trade of securities and similar investments. The SEC protects the general public form solicitations to avoid scams and promote market development. Now to navigate these laws’s that very from state to state I must have a knowledgeable and honest legal adviser in this matter. I estimate $15,000 for these services to start.

Accounting software is a powerful tool in the right hands. I need someone to balance accounts, capital budget, monthly an annually income statement and year end balance sheet for tax purposes. Because my skill set doesn’t apply in these matters per say I need an experienced person or team that can not only check my efforts but to make sure accounts are balanced everybody gets paid fee’s would be $6,000 to start.

Property management companies are vital to the success of these properties that my company is planning to acquire. I can’t be everywhere at once nor would I want to be. Because plunging toilets and collecting rents are to be delegated to experienced property managers. With the right honest and reliable management the properties could produce 10,000+ in profits over time in some cases within 6 months. ($35,000)

Insurances there are two basic insurances that are extremely vital to the success of these properties as well. The first is Casualty insurance and Business Income Loss Insurance.

Casualty insurance is in case the property flooded caught on fire. This insurance would cover all or most in some cases for repairs.

Business income loss insurance covers the properties income do to casualty to the property. For up to 12 months or longer depending on properties condition. The insurance company will fund my company based on the current properties income. So that everybody still gets paid if something happens to the property. ($45,000)

Marketing expenses direct mailing targeted motivated sellers, email, phone calls. To get an endless supply of qualified motivated sellers contacting me with great deals daily to pick throw. Getting a list broker non employee part-time to make the phone calls and mail the letters to sellers and buyers also having a tenant referral program. To give a discount to tenants that bring in new customers (tenants) basically having the tenants “Bird-dogging” for the company. ($8,000)

Totally and estimated $109,000 for start up expenses for the company.

Paul Turner

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