The Kennedy Space Center is directly across the inter-coastal waterway from the City of Titusville.  There is no place on planet Earth where there is a larger gathering of high paid professionals; with advanced degrees in engineering, science, and business than Central Florida.  Unfortunately, or Fortunately; depending on how you look at it; the US Government and NASA have decided to retire the shuttle fleet; causing the layoff of an additional 6,000 space workers.  Many of these people have been working at KFC for more than 20 years with salaries from $65,000 to $200,000 per year.  Many will be forced to leave the area unless commercial space takes hold.  That's the fortunate part of the business.  Titusville has been hit so hard by the economic slow down and increased unemployment, that there not exists; a fantastic opportunity to purchase commercial real estate at its lowest price in decades.  If someone told you that you could buy commercial real estate in the center of Sylicon Valley at say 10% of its value today; would you buy it?


Well that's what I'm trying to tell you.  You will never be able to buy commercial property along the Space Coast; across from the Kennedy Space Center, at a better price than you can this year.  Yes you might have to wait a couple of years for true commercial space to take hold; but why chance it when carrying costs for commercial RE are at all time lows.  Just check out a fraction of what's available:


Not only do we have some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, but we have one of the only truly commercial launch facilities in the world.  The government is being forced out of the space business and allowing the commercial world to take charge.  Once this giant industry takes hold; Titusville will be in the center of the universe (no pun intended).  (Well maybe just a little.)


Let me be your gateway to the Universe!


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